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Jenny: hey =) you changed the first page! at least...i think u did...did you use to have that black and white cat in there? ^_^'s so cute (of course, the other yellow and white one is really cute too)! =] ttyl! (14 Nov 2001)

saman: hi. how r u doing . bye now take care bybe (13 Nov 2001)

saman: hi .khobid shoma .e hamin faghat . i"ll be wait for you message. how is tehran. bye now (13 Nov 2001)

sevada: Excellent site, man...(12 Nov 2001)

twisted_angel: hey wazzup?! (09 Nov 2001)

Kathy Hadizadeh: Wow!! U have lots of freinds... That sounds cool but is that really the case? I liked ur photos kind of cool and down 2 earth! Have fun in Up North Kathy (09 Nov 2001)

pedi: have a nice day in the USA !! (07 Nov 2001)

Mehrsheed: Congrtulation .The article (Driving in Iran )was great. (07 Nov 2001)

mohamad_soleimani: manam man lolivash magnom manam man sang tipay mahgor (05 Nov 2001)

[Anonymous]: Good Job!(04 Nov 2001)

shirin: I like this site!(04 Nov 2001)

amir: This is my faovite site!(04 Nov 2001)

karina: I like your pics. (02 Nov 2001)

nasser: love is life forever (02 Nov 2001)

Rahim: hi dera , I'm computer tech (02 Nov 2001)

Amir Hossein Fassihi: baba a-vax... (01 Nov 2001)

amin anvari: Nice work..(30 Oct 2001)

babak zamani: Two thumbs up...(30 Oct 2001)

mihde: Cool, keep up the nice site!(27 Oct 2001)

mahde: Great! Keep it up!(27 Oct 2001)

erika: Good Job!(27 Oct 2001)

Corrine: Excellent site, man...(27 Oct 2001)

Sina Farsiu: Awesome job!(25 Oct 2001)

mohammad dolatshahy: Two thumbs up...(23 Oct 2001)

fakehi: Excellent site, man...(20 Oct 2001)

brendan doolan: Wonderful site..(19 Oct 2001)

Reza: Cool, keep up the nice site!(19 Oct 2001)

Angie: Well well..Hello there :o) I think your website is great!! I expecially love all the pictures!! And yes like all the ladies are saying,you're a nice looking man :o) Please keep up the great work and keep us updated with new pictures :o) (18 Oct 2001)

rosa: Excellent site, man...(14 Oct 2001)

i see dead people: can i tell u a secret, "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE" (12 Oct 2001)

Arash Azarmi: Hope justice for all! (11 Oct 2001)

Rita Edwards: Wow (10 Oct 2001)

Farzad Ahadi: 1973 Male Please visit and sign my guestbook at (08 Oct 2001)

[Anonymous]: eyyo...ur sites cool..ha well lataz (07 Oct 2001)

ramin: D)-- (05 Oct 2001)

Elvis Presley: don't step on my blue suede shoes, thank you, thank you very much. (03 Oct 2001)

Farnaz: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(29 Sep 2001)

jasmona: The best page i have ever seen (23 Sep 2001)

Jooje Khan: Hi Shaq ! That's great I still see you alive !!! (23 Sep 2001)

Palang: SalAm (23 Sep 2001)

Farhad: Hello, i have looked your Page. I am very happy to know you. I am here since 17 years and studied Computer Science in Hamburg. Now i am working as Consultant. Ok. You can write me. I would be happy about your feedback. Thanks, Farhad (21 Sep 2001)

gangluci: Cool, keep up the nice site!(15 Sep 2001)

Laurie Ann: AKA Larry (14 Sep 2001)

Amin Edalat: I live in Santa Barbara CA. Pretty cool website you got here. I was wondering if you could just put on some pictures from streets of tehran on your's been so long since I've had a glance of those streets. just miss it alot. Thanks bud. Good Luck. (14 Sep 2001)

Babak Abbasnejad: Congrtulate for your web (12 Sep 2001)

Omid: Hello my friends (11 Sep 2001)

saeid ghaffari: site gahsnagi dari movafag bashi (10 Sep 2001)

yvonne: Hi Ahmad...Nice page..Long time no chat...You already forgot me?I hope not well good luck...-xxxxxx- (09 Sep 2001)

shahrzad: webpaget khobeh, chand saletooneh kheyly khoskellin ready READY FOR WHAT? BORO GOMSHO RIDI (08 Sep 2001)

mahmood rad: This is my faovite site!(06 Sep 2001)