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random user: can someone explain to me the point of this site? (10 Mar 2002)

behnam: Great site dude! (10 Mar 2002)

Hitlers son the persian version: I will kill all jews (09 Mar 2002)

Andelix: Keep it up man, great page, nice design!!!!! Greetings from Austria (07 Mar 2002)

Rita: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(07 Mar 2002)

Rita Sabri: This is my faovite site!(07 Mar 2002)

MISBAH: cool site (06 Mar 2002)

hojjat fadaee: hi everybody may be new shoes is so beauty than old but older so relax... (06 Mar 2002)

xyzflash: competition? who will win... (06 Mar 2002)

Siamak: Awesome web page, it rocks man (05 Mar 2002)

sophie: hey guys, pretty groovy site, love the nincknames, they were kewl. (03 Mar 2002)

surprised!!: OH MY GOD!! this is the best page i've ever seen...especially the pictures! WOW!! good work! ;) (03 Mar 2002)

[Anonymous]: Nice work..(02 Mar 2002)

daei: fsd (28 Feb 2002)

Hitler: I hate jews (28 Feb 2002)

Ali Kheradmand: Respect.....just surfing the net and i found your web site, i love the models. Me and my boys are all from Canada. Damet garm (28 Feb 2002)

******R.E.M.*******: For R.E.M. fans...visit my site: (28 Feb 2002)

Michael R. Irwin: Excellent Irani art. I do not read graphics well yet but it looked informative and intriguing. (27 Feb 2002)

jack \"papa\" baer: Hello, a very nice site...! I followed your link from Webmaster's World, I like to meet the contributer's and visit their home pages if listed. I am glad I did, I enjoyed the personal content and the smiles throughout. I felt as if I was visiting an old friend. Well done! Peace and respect from jack "papa" baer - BIG BAER Urban Alternative Music Magazine (25 Feb 2002)

syed: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(24 Feb 2002)

Carl Stevens: need password to see :) (23 Feb 2002)

Cierra: i love that show (23 Feb 2002)

Cierra: Nice Site!(23 Feb 2002)

afi: Well done!(22 Feb 2002)

amber smith: wuzz up with this site woooos! (19 Feb 2002)

adriana alba: Excellent site, man...(19 Feb 2002)

Farid: I need good friend (18 Feb 2002)

chloe degerberg: this site is so kewl!!...but when i have been looking at some good nicks, ive noticed a fight going on between ppl...very nasty unrelelvant stuff (18 Feb 2002)

Karen: sup? (17 Feb 2002)

salman: nice website.....really impressed me i liked that messaging system from ur wepsite to ur pager....pls can u explain if u got time ...that how u did it....i am a Bsc C.I.S. student....wish u luck.... (14 Feb 2002)

Mohamad Anvari Totonchi: Hi,i've been surfing over the web,by typing my family name found your page and here i am now writing this words for u...cheers (13 Feb 2002)

sam: Cool, keep up the nice site!(13 Feb 2002)

maryam: I am iranian a M.S. student.I want a good friend (12 Feb 2002)

arezoo: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(12 Feb 2002)

reza: salam. man donbalde ydk dost dokhtare khob hastam. lotfan baraiam mil bezanid motshkaram (12 Feb 2002)

SDZzz: Nice page, but a little poor. Check out mine. (12 Feb 2002)

SiaAbadani Ph.D.: Great Page you have. Have you thought the way some Iranian Muslims American Citizens getting treated after the bombing? It means a lot if you would please; take a few minutes and Support this site by visiting it and passing it on. It's about our freedom. In memory of September 11th. Visit and sign their guest book and give them some support and if you have a page let others see it as they enter their site. Women United Against Hate (10 Feb 2002)

Jewels: It was a cool web page. (10 Feb 2002)

mehrdad: Wonderful site..(09 Feb 2002)

yang: my name is yangy boy. my knickname is poo boy. i very much fancy sanaz. (07 Feb 2002)

Mohammad Reza Jafari: Hi to all Iranian friends Specially who are from Sharif University of Technology :) (07 Feb 2002)

kgs: looking for a woman in sharjah for secret relation,secrecy offered.pls mail me.ia m indian kerala. (06 Feb 2002)

Jackie: I just wanted to tell you that I loved your page it was fun and intertaing. thanks for sharing it with me. (05 Feb 2002)

bki: Wonderful site..(05 Feb 2002)


Davel: Nice work..(04 Feb 2002)

ezzat: i like the nicknames list most of all (03 Feb 2002)

shadi: Nice work..(02 Feb 2002)

prim.: Azize Delam, It was so cool. Also I saw '10^100' part, it works nice. Love & C U soon! (01 Feb 2002)

Prim.: Azize Delam: Hi! It was so cool also I saw the "10^100" part, it works so nice.;-) Iran part should be complete. Love & C U soon bye! (01 Feb 2002)