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Sh.....: Great site!!!!! (22 May 2002)

TAHA: Good Job!(22 May 2002)

~*SuMMeR ANdErSOn*~: HeY... I jUSt WAnTeD tO SiGN yOUr G-BoOK C yA :o) (21 May 2002)

Debbie: Very fun site!!! (20 May 2002)

s: Wonderful site..(20 May 2002)

taha: Well done!(20 May 2002)

Habib: Salam, Khaste shoma kheyli jaleb bood faghat dar ghesmate aksha bazi az anha ye kami najoorand:):).omidvaram movafagh bashid. Khoda Hafez Habib (19 May 2002)

saeed hashemi golpayegani: Wonderful site..(19 May 2002)

moradi: Excellent site, man...(17 May 2002)

aurangzeb: This is my faovite site!(16 May 2002)

Amir Reza: Hello,no comments (14 May 2002)

ashamir: Two thumbs up...(13 May 2002)

a: Awesome job!(13 May 2002)

Sinaloa: j'aime bien ton site (12 May 2002)

jlo: Cool site, i like to learn about people of different races, i'm canadian so it's really interesting for me. Nice site! (12 May 2002)

Mostafaa: Hello, no comments. (11 May 2002)

UVEL: Nice Site!(11 May 2002)

atieye: hi ppl all over the world;) i am so happy to find ur site:P i am searching 4 my mate these days//maybe u.plz tell me !!!!!! (09 May 2002)

tariq: First visit to the site Excellent one Keep it up (08 May 2002)

Shabnam: Great site - one suggestion: pictures take a while to dL, you may want to reduce pixels to fix this! =) (07 May 2002)

Elham Khabazian: I enjoyed your site. Let's play basketball some time. (07 May 2002)

Jenny: i couldn't find the voting thing for pic-of-the-day...? (07 May 2002)

SaRaH: i seriously think there are good nick names here,some are really shit but i rekon my nick rulz L*i*T*t*L*e*A*n*G*e*L (05 May 2002)

Dena R: Sadaf in persian means SHELL thanks (05 May 2002)

sahar: This is my faovite site!(05 May 2002)

katayoon: I love your sit (02 May 2002)

farzad: Wonderful site..(29 Apr 2002)

umer: Excellent site, man...(29 Apr 2002)

farzaneh(fifi): Amazing! Keep up the good work...(28 Apr 2002)

Ali: Hi this is good and now you can visit official website of Hedieh Tehrani (27 Apr 2002)

Marta: does anyone seen anything more horrible than burj alarab hotel? (23 Apr 2002)

Sahar: Nice pics ! especially the Bay :) Keep up the good work (23 Apr 2002)

navid: Two thumbs up...(22 Apr 2002)

Harold: Good website, Ahmad. Keep up the good work! (22 Apr 2002)

Amir: I don't care what others say about it, but your website is all right! ;-) (22 Apr 2002)

Francine: This is my faovite site!(21 Apr 2002)

Sara: You're the man!!! Hmmmmmmmm...... Are you?? ;) (21 Apr 2002)

Kami Shams: Good Job. Lot of info. How about some persian music links. Like original birthday & wedding songs. (20 Apr 2002)

khan: Nice work..(18 Apr 2002)

farzad: Two thumbs up...(18 Apr 2002)

Arash Heydarian: Hi ahmad ,I hope you have good time by the Best Wishes (18 Apr 2002)

maziar: none (16 Apr 2002)

RAHA: u guys did a great job. keep up the good work (16 Apr 2002)

Arash Mansouri: Good Job!(15 Apr 2002)

xpac: I like this site!(15 Apr 2002)

john mulligan: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(15 Apr 2002)

poya: (14 Apr 2002)

sasan: baraiam mil bezanid (14 Apr 2002)

lil_thug_is da best: Wonderful site..(14 Apr 2002)

Farbod: Hi there! I'm the "Kurt Cobain" or "Larvae" guy, long ago, from PAYAM BBS. I hope somebody remembers me!!! My real name is Farbod! ;) I checked out the site, it's so cool. I realy enjoyed the things here. Can I sign this guest book two times or more!? ;) I saw a guy did it! Anyway if anyone remembered me I'll be glad to hear from him/her/it! :) Peace. (13 Apr 2002)