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Dokhtare: I like it...but it was full of pictures :) any way.. Good LuCk.. (14 Jun 2002)

negin: it was fantastic homepage,i really enjoyed it,i always beleave that you are great and geniuse.and ive missed u so much .i wish you the best! (14 Jun 2002)

Billie: cool site. like the pics. (13 Jun 2002)

mahdi: Good Job!(11 Jun 2002)

ali: Two thumbs up...(11 Jun 2002)

mehdi: hi (11 Jun 2002)

Mohammad reza Bahadorani: if it is possible for you ,send me good photos of dams with its eplainaition. thank you (11 Jun 2002)

shahram: Two thumbs up...(10 Jun 2002)

arun: Cool, keep up the nice site!(08 Jun 2002)

Kerri: NICE SITE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! (06 Jun 2002)

Athula Indika Dias: I am an university student of faculty of engineering,University of Peradeniya.I would like to Know about you and your friend called "Nazavi". (06 Jun 2002)

Natasha: LoL...lets try this again. I'm 16, and Persian, it's comforting to see people connecting witht their culture, and sharing it with others. I go to Iran every summer, so I enjoyed this site! ~Thanks (06 Jun 2002)

Natasha: Interesting website, Im persian, and 16years old, its nice to see people connecting with their culture, and sharing it with others! (06 Jun 2002)

abbas ebrahimi: it is very good. (05 Jun 2002)

AMIR: Nice Site!(05 Jun 2002)

SARA NAZARI: Awesome job!(05 Jun 2002)

yvonne: Nice pictures ahmad.... Too bad we can only chat once in 6 months :(( anyway have a nice live (04 Jun 2002)

abbas: Excellent site, man...(04 Jun 2002)

CASEY: like Nema said, intresting (03 Jun 2002)

fereshteh: cool site (03 Jun 2002)

nazi sanai: what a fun page.......thanks for bringer laughter to people that come across it! :) (01 Jun 2002)

Kamyar Hazaveh: Salaam, Hope you're doing OK. Your Photo Album is great. Can you include links to your friends' home pages in your friends page? That might be a good idea. See you soon, Kamyar (01 Jun 2002)

hamid: Nice Site!(31 May 2002)

saeed: Wonderful site..(31 May 2002)

famous amos: hey ahmad, you have some nice photos. i especially like the one of you and that amysnott person. you rock. (30 May 2002)

jean marc parodi: superbe site. bonne athmosphere ! France (29 May 2002)

[Anonymous]: I like this site!(27 May 2002)

m: Excellent site, man...(27 May 2002)

Sina Tabesh: Hi man! How r u doing?I hope you'll be fine. bye (27 May 2002)

PrznPanther: saite khaily very good hast (26 May 2002)

PrznPanther: saite khaily very good hast (26 May 2002)

Simon Lalezarian: Eyy yooo..what cha really want from me.. Fagad Begam BAH BAH ruyeh shomah!Barekalah. ALI ALI hoorahhh i love this site...its on my homepage My hommie and i jubin masterbate with majid with the names..we look at monareza and the names and go from limp-dimps-r-us MONAREZA=New Viagra! (25 May 2002)

lin: Good Job!(24 May 2002)

**Solmaz**: Hello, i found ur nice site by chance while i was searching.The most beautiful part was cool links &THIS IS ISLAM,that was really nice.Good luck.God bless u. (24 May 2002)

Sh.....: Great site!!!!! (22 May 2002)

TAHA: Nice Site!(22 May 2002)

~*SuMMeR ANdErSOn*~: HeY... I jUSt WAnTeD tO SiGN yOUr G-BoOK C yA :o) (21 May 2002)

Debbie: Very fun site!!! (20 May 2002)

s: Nice Site!(20 May 2002)

taha: This is my faovite site!(20 May 2002)

Habib: Salam, Khaste shoma kheyli jaleb bood faghat dar ghesmate aksha bazi az anha ye kami najoorand:):).omidvaram movafagh bashid. Khoda Hafez Habib (19 May 2002)

saeed hashemi golpayegani: Nice Site!(19 May 2002)

moradi: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(17 May 2002)

aurangzeb: Cool, keep up the nice site!(16 May 2002)

Amir Reza: Hello,no comments (14 May 2002)

ashamir: Good Job!(13 May 2002)

a: This is my faovite site!(13 May 2002)

Sinaloa: j'aime bien ton site (12 May 2002)

jlo: Cool site, i like to learn about people of different races, i'm canadian so it's really interesting for me. Nice site! (12 May 2002)

Mostafaa: Hello, no comments. (11 May 2002)