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Michael Mouse: Nice Site!(12 Jul 2002)

dangerm: Nice Site!(12 Jul 2002)

David Brown: Well done!(12 Jul 2002)

richie: Cool, keep up the nice site!(12 Jul 2002)

steve: This is my faovite site!(12 Jul 2002)

kyle pellymounter: Two thumbs up...(12 Jul 2002)

Michael McDonagh: Awesome job!(12 Jul 2002)

mm: I like this site!(11 Jul 2002)

poo: i am gay (11 Jul 2002)

Miss Emma Faran Molaei: Salaam, wow what a cool site! Recommend it highly, if any Persians in London wanna get in contact send email to (10 Jul 2002)

negar: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(08 Jul 2002)

vivien: I like the page- keep on going (08 Jul 2002)

MAHDI: Two thumbs up...(08 Jul 2002)

Janelle: Well done!(08 Jul 2002)

Tim: This is my faovite site!(08 Jul 2002)

arman: salam hadie joon man asheghe shomam shomaro kheili doost daram har vaght filmatoono mibinam aroom misham.avalin nafari ham keh filme shomaro mibine manam.mikham behetoon mail bezanam vali hich emaili az shoma natoonestam peida konam (07 Jul 2002)

arman: Well done!(07 Jul 2002)

John McPherson: Hey, the personal injury cases you refer to here are urban legends and never happened! See for further details. Stumbled on your website in a google search to see how widespread theses urban myth cases are - they are everywhere! A powerful insurance industry behind it? again, see for a detailed account. (07 Jul 2002)

hedieh: man kheili shabihe shoma hastam (06 Jul 2002)

Bush: I am very proud of you persians you have got your self to the top let us hope that other iranians like you can do the same. Good Luck (06 Jul 2002)

alirezamanzar: Great! Keep it up!(05 Jul 2002)

LarryBird: Hi Shaq! Remember good old times at allameh helli basketball court? It's been a while. Say hi to shahin if u gotta chance;) (05 Jul 2002)

reza: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(05 Jul 2002)

mona: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(05 Jul 2002)

moji: salam (04 Jul 2002)

Fox: Wonderful site..(04 Jul 2002)

suzana: cool thank to enjoy brazil soccer team (04 Jul 2002)

lisa: I like this kind of guestbook._____________________________________________ of the largest deaf communities in the world. Free Membership! Free emails! (04 Jul 2002)

im pissed right now :): add me if your a good looking girl if not you can add anyway coz im nice :)im a bit drunk so if the spellings bad tuff shit. heheheh cya ;) (04 Jul 2002)

shahin: Ahmad You gotta watch this : this is Hilarious!!! I almost fainted out!!!! (04 Jul 2002)

kighani: Awesome job!(03 Jul 2002)

Stacey Minarcik: Hey,You have a great website. Check out Give me your comments. (02 Jul 2002)

Stacey Minarcik: Hey,You have a great website. Check out Give me your comments. (02 Jul 2002)

Reyhan: Niye pics of turkey :) But many wrong words (e.g. cay, Atatrk meydani...) But cool page Ahmad! (01 Jul 2002)

nafiseh: Excellent site, man...(01 Jul 2002)

hamed: qdwRWR (01 Jul 2002)

r: salam (30 Jun 2002)

Josh: Whats with all the anti Jew shit......thats crap. But apart from that the site rox dudes, keep it up mwa (K) josh (29 Jun 2002)

Mostafa: Nice Site!(29 Jun 2002)

lee: I like this site!(29 Jun 2002)

nitin: Mindblowing... (29 Jun 2002)

Sunil: Its really good... (29 Jun 2002)

Sunil: Its really good... (29 Jun 2002)

Terry: Excellent... (29 Jun 2002)

David.G: Cool page, fun and interesting, keep in that way, tanks. Desde Barna una salutacio a tots els catalans que visitin aquesta pgina. (28 Jun 2002)

Tony Martin: Oh, I think this guestbook does support html. Cool. Okay, if any nice persian women like my picture, contact me! : ) (26 Jun 2002)

ali: Hi Its a nice site. (26 Jun 2002)

Tony Martin: Yes, I'm that webdude guy with the URL on the back of my car you saw driving around Berkeley. I was once married to a persian woman. She was the most sexiest, and most loveliest woman ever. Then she broke my heart. That bitch! Does this guestbook support HTML???25 years since I ate any animals. Where's my veggie burger? (26 Jun 2002)

babak: Thank you !! for your amusing site. I realy enjoyed , I had good times , and I will tell my friends about your site. Thanks again and Good Luck Graduated from Sharif too babak (26 Jun 2002)

Farhad: Salam khedmate ahmad agha man ye khaheshi az shoma va designerha va programmera daram va oonam ine shoma ke faregh az darso in masael hastid va bishtar forsate inkararo darid yekam dar zamineye pishrafte web site ha dar iran ya hadeaghal site-e khodetoon bekooshid nemigam bad hast na ama hameye sitehaye irani mese bede.. ya jokesta.... ya irancli..... ya rooz.... kilisheyee va ye jooran va aslan site-i mese peida nemishe ma nabayad dar in sath bemoonim vaghena mitoonim pishraft konimba inke emkanat nesbat be kharej shayad kamtar az 1/1000 bashe vali bayad khodemoono bekeshim bala va balatar be omide tahaghoghe in masale (24 Jun 2002)