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Andrew McEwan: Utterly Fantastic, More...more....more Yeah Baby! (23 Jul 2002)

Andrew McEwan: Utterly Fantastic, More...more....more Yeah Baby! (23 Jul 2002)

chris: 12 male and good looking (22 Jul 2002)

sisil: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(21 Jul 2002)

Jamie: Fun homepage!!! Check out mine...if you can!! And if you do, please sign my Guestbook! Thanx!!:) (21 Jul 2002)

ronald: fantastic sites (21 Jul 2002)

gary c: wicked site. keep it up. (20 Jul 2002)

bob james: still cant get it to work (20 Jul 2002)

nazanin totonchi: Nice work..(20 Jul 2002)

behnam: salam be shoma mikhastam begam ke behtarin honarpisheye zani ke iran be khod dide khanoome "HEDIEH TEHRANI" rasti az site khoobetoon mamnoon asheghe hedieh tehrani BEHNAM (20 Jul 2002)

dani: that site is really wicked...n so kool... i like that site. (20 Jul 2002)

ZeroZone(nick): Keep up the good work ps. send me some haking tips + keep your eyes on Me. (20 Jul 2002)

aiden: how you doing (19 Jul 2002)

heather: Nice work..(19 Jul 2002)

Sarah: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(19 Jul 2002)

kirsty: This is my faovite site!(19 Jul 2002)

bob james: i also caught this site on g norton and had to have a looksee (19 Jul 2002)

`^--[ $in@ ]--^`: Hi God! How r u man? :D i saw ur site it's realy good!! and i think u will upgrade ur site... !! It's A very very coool site :D lo0ol :D have fun and take care!! Bye ShaQ@Morva.Net (19 Jul 2002)

dfsd: GFHGHGFHF (18 Jul 2002)

nasser: ba hichkas neshani zan delsetan nadidam (18 Jul 2002)

nasser: salam (18 Jul 2002)

Jim Royle: My arse (18 Jul 2002)

shakina: hi i saw this site i think on V Graham Nortan and thought i'd check it out (17 Jul 2002)

sarah: I like this site!(17 Jul 2002)

badboyjopey: this site is cool (17 Jul 2002)

alba_gurlz: hey u got a really cool syte. but how do u send nicknames here to post them??? (17 Jul 2002)

shonna: nice site..jus stop by to show sum love. peace (17 Jul 2002)

sara: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(16 Jul 2002)

ZaadMehr: Wow I just looked at your biography! I know you pesar! You had a lecture in IPM about Web Design Tips and another one About Hacking tips, Nice to see you here, And happy to hear that you have leaved Iran! :) Anyway, although I didn't learned much ;) from the lectures but I remember you very good! And your RED FERRARI ;)) Lets keep in touch btw:Zaadmehr is an alias! Good Luck! (16 Jul 2002)

ZaadMehr: Hi Ahmad agha, Mobarake! Have fun! (16 Jul 2002)

marina: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(16 Jul 2002)

Ehsan: hi dear Ahmad, congratulation!! about that TV prog. as u know i live in iran and i really dunno anything about that program, so will be write more about it ? thanx and have fun Ehsan (16 Jul 2002)

shahab: This is my faovite site!(16 Jul 2002)

hedieh tehrani: Cool, keep up the nice site!(16 Jul 2002)

sarah: This is my faovite site!(16 Jul 2002)

Niall: Nice Site!(15 Jul 2002)

Anna Reynolds: nice! (15 Jul 2002)

sinkie n caz: I like this site!(15 Jul 2002)

ehsan: no comments for now,,, (15 Jul 2002)

aiden sutherland: how you doin (15 Jul 2002)

Mandi: Great site!!! (15 Jul 2002)

The Mouse: Please get this PEACH game going. I just love Arse-Games. (15 Jul 2002)

chopa: ??ok i dont know what to wite but i want to chat with inian pepoel for that enter ur wepsite.....and i hope that i will have a fun (15 Jul 2002)

D. Hollinrake: Love the pages, it is good fun, and use it a lot. Thank you. (15 Jul 2002)

michelle page: Two thumbs up...(14 Jul 2002)

michelle page: Well done!(14 Jul 2002)

Katy: What a giggle!! I'd love to find Graham Nortons peach x (14 Jul 2002)

amy loves joe: HOW DO I PLAY FIND THE PEACH??? i saw this on graham norton and now i have finally found it i cant play the damn thing:( (14 Jul 2002)

amy: FIND THE PEACH IS FUN! (14 Jul 2002)

NoUgG@: REally great site reaaly enjoyed it really thankful ! (14 Jul 2002)