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shahab: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(16 Jul 2002)

hedieh tehrani: Good Job!(16 Jul 2002)

sarah: Nice work..(16 Jul 2002)

Niall: Cool, keep up the nice site!(15 Jul 2002)

Anna Reynolds: nice! (15 Jul 2002)

sinkie n caz: Excellent site, man...(15 Jul 2002)

ehsan: no comments for now,,, (15 Jul 2002)

aiden sutherland: how you doin (15 Jul 2002)

Mandi: Great site!!! (15 Jul 2002)

The Mouse: Please get this PEACH game going. I just love Arse-Games. (15 Jul 2002)

chopa: ??ok i dont know what to wite but i want to chat with inian pepoel for that enter ur wepsite.....and i hope that i will have a fun (15 Jul 2002)

D. Hollinrake: Love the pages, it is good fun, and use it a lot. Thank you. (15 Jul 2002)

michelle page: Great! Keep it up!(14 Jul 2002)

michelle page: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(14 Jul 2002)

Katy: What a giggle!! I'd love to find Graham Nortons peach x (14 Jul 2002)

amy loves joe: HOW DO I PLAY FIND THE PEACH??? i saw this on graham norton and now i have finally found it i cant play the damn thing:( (14 Jul 2002)

amy: FIND THE PEACH IS FUN! (14 Jul 2002)

NoUgG@: REally great site reaaly enjoyed it really thankful ! (14 Jul 2002)

Stuart: I like to lick wet turnips (14 Jul 2002)

stuart: I can shove door mice up my arse (14 Jul 2002)


Eros: Couldn't get find the peach game to work (14 Jul 2002)

Jane: This is my faovite site!(14 Jul 2002)

kamran: bahale (14 Jul 2002)

Reza: Nice Site!(14 Jul 2002)

kath: Excellent site, man...(14 Jul 2002)

oj: Comments???? No Comments !! (14 Jul 2002)

vicki: Good Job!(14 Jul 2002)

sam: can we play this peach game here? (13 Jul 2002)

kevin: hamishe khosh bashid. (13 Jul 2002)

sam: Nice Site!(13 Jul 2002)

..: Awesome job!(13 Jul 2002)

Geo: I saw this game on V Graham fab aint it!!! (13 Jul 2002)

mick whelan: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(13 Jul 2002)

l: j (13 Jul 2002)

steven kearney: Well done!(13 Jul 2002)

Ric: this game is ace (13 Jul 2002)

Wyld Style: Nice site -i saw the game on V Graham Norton aswell,how do you play it? (13 Jul 2002)

Jam: Cool - saw this on V Graham Norton! But how do you click on them?! (13 Jul 2002)

joan s: saw this on graham norton (13 Jul 2002)

Claire: best thing since sliced bread!!!! (13 Jul 2002)

chris: excellent!!!! (13 Jul 2002)

Graham Norton: Two thumbs up...(13 Jul 2002)

joe: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(13 Jul 2002)

John: Comments???!! This is the greatest site I have ever seen!!! (13 Jul 2002)

El Tel: Awesome job!(13 Jul 2002)

steve: Excellent site, man...(13 Jul 2002)

susan: Nice work..(13 Jul 2002)

alvin: Excellent site, man...(13 Jul 2002)

steve: Cool, keep up the nice site!(12 Jul 2002)