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Seyed: Hey were are all the Iranians at in the bay area e-mail me back (20 Aug 2002)

Laurie: Good Job!(19 Aug 2002)

Linda Jedele: I have been listening to Jim Harper ever since he was on that "other" station. I really like the morning show with Linda,Mike and Cindy. Keep up the great work. You always make me laugh on my drive into work. Thanks. (19 Aug 2002)

VAHHAB: I like this site!(18 Aug 2002)

moosafaizee: What is the temparature to melt rock and what should be done to get that temparature and how that temparature should be used to melt the rock and where should i put the rock for melting under this temparature? Regards Moosa Faizy (18 Aug 2002)

Morgiana: interesting in name origins. (18 Aug 2002)

Terko: Delighted! (17 Aug 2002)

Bruce Dailey: Please check out Persian slang at And please make a contribution into the database. (17 Aug 2002)


Ernest E. Crownover: I enjoy!!! (17 Aug 2002)

Yalda: KHEILIII BAHALE (16 Aug 2002)

amar: ohhh (16 Aug 2002)

Clay Thornton: Awesome page and I have a pic to share, This was done by a blonde. The pic is kinda blurry because I took it from my truck whise sitting in traffic, but as you can see it is a new model camaro with the ass end in the air. As I was coming back i stopped being the gentleman I was to offer help when turned down I asked if I could take a pic and she got really upset, thank goodness I'd already gotten this one (16 Aug 2002)

Angela: I found your website wonderful and very informative, with great layouts and easy to navigate. It's really well done. Very creative. Keep up the good work bro. Hey, I welcome all of you to visit my site too. Thank you!! (16 Aug 2002)

Holly: Too Funny! (16 Aug 2002)

rachel: Cool, keep up the nice site!(15 Aug 2002)

Koohyar: Awesome job!(15 Aug 2002)

Farid: Enjoyed your Bin Ladin pictures!! Great collection! (15 Aug 2002)

sameera: no work (15 Aug 2002)

FaRzAm: ;) Its hard 2 hold a candle in a cold November rain !!!! (14 Aug 2002)

hamidreza: Awesome job!(13 Aug 2002)

Zalia: Awsome web page it gives neat topics to talk about (13 Aug 2002)

ehsan: . . (12 Aug 2002)

Kris Jones: I love your webstie! (12 Aug 2002)

Jonathan Abbey: You should know that your Stella Awards page is completely fraudulent. (12 Aug 2002)

aida: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(11 Aug 2002)

Lourdes: I had lots of fun at your website. You're welcome to visit us at: (11 Aug 2002)

alan: Great! Keep it up!(10 Aug 2002)

Hadjar Homaie: Hey Mister,.. cool job! it was fun takin' a breif look at your friends list and just got overloaded by the number of people i knew there... ;) (10 Aug 2002)

Kate: Excellent job! One of the best web sites I have ever seen ! (09 Aug 2002)

anahita: salam ahmad, it was sad to read your blog this time. may peace be upon her. I know how it feels to lose some one you love. (09 Aug 2002)

daisymay: great site, funny pics, keep up the good work (08 Aug 2002)

A Radford: Awesome job!(07 Aug 2002)

Angela: This page is awesome.. i come here and see if i can get anymore ideas for nicknames.hehe and its a good way to might guys.. if i put my email on here. (07 Aug 2002)

Sarah Z.V: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(07 Aug 2002)

MuNa: SaLaMz...the nicks section is what i have checked out for the most's pretty cool, despite the fact that many ppl are just bitching or writing nonsense. (07 Aug 2002)

Kamyar Hazaveh: Salaam, The first time that I felt sad openning your web page! Please accept my condolence. ghorbanat, Kamyar (06 Aug 2002)

nasser: salam be dalile =I told (05 Aug 2002)

Ali Amiri: Dear Ahamd Anvari, Please accept my deep condolence for your grandmom's death. My grandmom passed away 3 weeks ago, so I understand your feelings. I wish her peace in the other world and I wish you patient. God absolve us all. Ali Amiri (05 Aug 2002)

mani noohi: salam agha man pesare saeed noohi hastam yki az familatoon yani dr.saeed ollah noohi!!!!!!khosh bashid (05 Aug 2002)

rabia: nice niks tats all...not that nice just ok niks!! (05 Aug 2002)

abbas mohammed: Sir I am contacting you today for a business, which would be of immense benefit to you. I am a consultant based in Nigeria. I represent Mrs. Mariam Abacha, Wife of the late president of Nigeria, General Sani Abacha. She has instructed me to locate a foreigner who would act as Her fund manager and partner. She wishes to invest the sum of $30 million overseas and needs somebody to manage this investment on her behalf. As you know, the present Nigerian government has confiscated assets worth several million dollars belonging to her family so this project is top secret and you should not reveal it to anyone. Your fees as fund manager shall be a down payment of 10% of the investment capital, which is $3 million and an annual 3% of after tax returns on investment. Reach me by return mail if you are interested in this proposal so that I will give you relevant details. Regards (04 Aug 2002)

sue *w*: This is my faovite site!(04 Aug 2002)

chomagh: i enjoy from ur site. bavaret nashe. ;) (04 Aug 2002)

javad: Great site with a lot of funs Good luck (04 Aug 2002)

fariborz: Awesome job!(04 Aug 2002)

joris: This site rocks !!! But those stuppid fags that always are telling about niggers and stuf that thing has to stop becouse that isn't fun anymore!!! you can watch my nicknames!!! (hell yeah!) cya Joris (03 Aug 2002)

Big Al: Great site, lots of laughs. I've added my nickname of albatosh. If you are a true monty python fan you'll understand it comes from the ALBAtross sketch and the parrot sketch 'now look here TOSH' keep smiling Big Al 'and the forests will echo with laughter.... 'DOES anyone remember laughter?'... (03 Aug 2002)

trev: great site (03 Aug 2002)

John Bates: These were a hoot. Sad, but a hoot. Sometimes, I wonder about the mental state of mankind. Thanks for these... keep up the good work. (03 Aug 2002)