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joris: This site rocks !!! But those stuppid fags that always are telling about niggers and stuf that thing has to stop becouse that isn't fun anymore!!! you can watch my nicknames!!! (hell yeah!) cya Joris (03 Aug 2002)

Big Al: Great site, lots of laughs. I've added my nickname of albatosh. If you are a true monty python fan you'll understand it comes from the ALBAtross sketch and the parrot sketch 'now look here TOSH' keep smiling Big Al 'and the forests will echo with laughter.... 'DOES anyone remember laughter?'... (03 Aug 2002)

trev: great site (03 Aug 2002)

John Bates: These were a hoot. Sad, but a hoot. Sometimes, I wonder about the mental state of mankind. Thanks for these... keep up the good work. (03 Aug 2002)

me: i died before i could see this site im sry bye bye sincerly, some 1 (02 Aug 2002)

Alex: This the best iranian site that I have ever seen. (02 Aug 2002)

gholeydon: Good Job!(02 Aug 2002)

Mel: I usually diss every guestbook but this site is amazing! i mean your nicknames are awsome and i think you've help many people with all your comebacks and cool lines lol! pretty awsome (01 Aug 2002)

hadis azimi: I like this site!(01 Aug 2002)

Mani Parsa: Site-e ghashangi daarid. Kaamravaa baashid. (01 Aug 2002)

Bisma: Hi , i am from Pakistan. Its nice site and have interesting stuff (01 Aug 2002)

Amin: baba demet gam man as funesh kheyli khosham miyad to as koja migiri inhameh ask ? (01 Aug 2002)

Hassan Astaneh: Great Web Site (31 Jul 2002)

[Anonymous]: hi (30 Jul 2002)

ben viccari: Are the awardees of th Stella Awards for real? As you'll see from my webpage, I do TV commentaries and one way or another would like to do something about them but need to know whether fact or fiction. (29 Jul 2002)


ali: merci what is the matter obout porano picture of hedyeh tehrani (29 Jul 2002)

salman: Good job :) Salman (29 Jul 2002)

Lisa: hey this is a cool site Girls:If u luv a guy let him go when he luvs u back he'll let u know:) (29 Jul 2002)

Lisa: I like this site!(29 Jul 2002)

Mahdi: Please add more sites to your links.Hope you'll be successful. (28 Jul 2002)

Katie: Nice site, very interesting stuff (I like some of the articles you post!). I'll be stopping by again! (28 Jul 2002)

Afton: very funny stuff! (27 Jul 2002)

King Wissam: An interesting website...i'd like from you to add more translations... (27 Jul 2002)

samsam: az ashnayee ba shoma khoshbakhtam (27 Jul 2002)

Shervin Farigam: Damet garm!shenide boodim karet kheili doroste vali becheshm nadide boodim.Eyne spakhat too madrese take! (26 Jul 2002)

zahra HB: Hi WoW ! I happy to meet this cool site :) (26 Jul 2002)

Gilbert petrosiyan: agha,kheyli ba zogh i! marhaba be in salighe! vaghean kaf kardam. montazer e kaar haa ye jalebtar hastim.. (26 Jul 2002)

majid: i happy to meet your site, with the best wishes for you (25 Jul 2002)

Kyle Cranston: Cool, keep up the nice site!(24 Jul 2002)

~* Kr!sTy *~: grOoVy baBy YeaHHHhh !! (24 Jul 2002)

Mariam: Nice Site!(24 Jul 2002)

Jon: a great site (23 Jul 2002)

richard storey: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(23 Jul 2002)

Andrew McEwan: Utterly Fantastic, More...more....more Yeah Baby! (23 Jul 2002)

Andrew McEwan: Utterly Fantastic, More...more....more Yeah Baby! (23 Jul 2002)

chris: 12 male and good looking (22 Jul 2002)

sisil: Awesome job!(21 Jul 2002)

Jamie: Fun homepage!!! Check out mine...if you can!! And if you do, please sign my Guestbook! Thanx!!:) (21 Jul 2002)

ronald: fantastic sites (21 Jul 2002)

gary c: wicked site. keep it up. (20 Jul 2002)

bob james: still cant get it to work (20 Jul 2002)

nazanin totonchi: I like this site!(20 Jul 2002)

behnam: salam be shoma mikhastam begam ke behtarin honarpisheye zani ke iran be khod dide khanoome "HEDIEH TEHRANI" rasti az site khoobetoon mamnoon asheghe hedieh tehrani BEHNAM (20 Jul 2002)

dani: that site is really wicked...n so kool... i like that site. (20 Jul 2002)

ZeroZone(nick): Keep up the good work ps. send me some haking tips + keep your eyes on Me. (20 Jul 2002)

aiden: how you doing (19 Jul 2002)

heather: Nice Site!(19 Jul 2002)

Sarah: Nice work..(19 Jul 2002)

kirsty: This is my faovite site!(19 Jul 2002)