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Ebi: good lock (08 Sep 2002)

Hossein: Salam Sitet kheili ghashange (07 Sep 2002)

Marjaneh: heyyyy!!!! Very cooooooool....ENJOYED ALOT.. Good job! (07 Sep 2002)

GrOoVyBaBy: hay kewl site, b sure 2 take a look @ mine and sign ma guestbook! (07 Sep 2002)

Sharareh: hi there ! you have a great site special cool links :) (07 Sep 2002)

sarah: Really enjoyed looking through your site.... Interesting and funny Take care Sarah (06 Sep 2002)


Elham: sayt shoma kheyli jalebe! akshaye ziyadtari vared konid (06 Sep 2002)

Jen: I needed some nicknames and i didn't find one that was sensable...what's up with that? (06 Sep 2002)

tessa: Two thumbs up...(05 Sep 2002)

Fu\'ad: I liked wot i saw. email me baby. call me too: +27-72-4746-593 (05 Sep 2002)

robbie: One of the best home pages around. Great! (05 Sep 2002)

tohid: man yek pesar e khob va agha hastam.har dokhtar e zibaee keh dar had va andazeh ye man bood beh man e-mail befresteh (05 Sep 2002)

ali: salam Ahmed. it's a nice site and nice pictures. I'm happy to find your nice site. Go ahead in your work. Reply for my ((THIS)) message. (04 Sep 2002)

Jarret: Coool dude.. (04 Sep 2002)

cool: yek mard ba cheshman abi va kolah waredeh otagh shod dar aramesh bash alfi, dar aramesham pedar. (04 Sep 2002)

Bahman Zarrabi: salam bashar,delam gerefteh,chare ye dard e ma ra na to dani yo na man! ghorboon to bokhoram (04 Sep 2002)

~*~Anna~*~: omg i love ur page i wish i knew more pages like ur if u do can u send me some plz & remember i love ur site! (04 Sep 2002)

ali: i want a gril ferand (04 Sep 2002)

Reza: Salam Daee! (03 Sep 2002)

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Armin Tajalli: What about you? (03 Sep 2002)

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Tina: I love this site! itsss soo awesome! (02 Sep 2002)

Hamid: I get a kick outta your site...good job (01 Sep 2002)

Naz: hey i found a pic of me on your site, pretty funny ! (01 Sep 2002)

brad: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(01 Sep 2002)

~Kristan~: This Page Is Alright... It Could use alittle better nicknames like actual one's NOT "quotes" lol.. but It sure is kewl.. peace ! (31 Aug 2002)

areli: salaam (31 Aug 2002)

SIROUSSE: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(31 Aug 2002)

.......: I like this site!(31 Aug 2002)

Varun: Wonderful site..(31 Aug 2002)

[Anonymous]: Cool, keep up the nice site!(31 Aug 2002)

sina: site shoma besiyar jaleb va kamel ast, tbrik migam (29 Aug 2002)

brad: Awesome job!(29 Aug 2002)

Annie: love the sex photos (29 Aug 2002)

me: Great! Keep it up!(29 Aug 2002)

afshin: be success (29 Aug 2002)

meenackshhi jha: i wants photo of 2-4 years babies (29 Aug 2002)

Steve Allen: Absolutely the most incredible web site I have ever seen, Thanks for sharing it with us! (29 Aug 2002)

~*FrIsKy*~: This is a very poor and bad site and very offesive to people! (29 Aug 2002)

kitty cat: hi, no 1 should be able to say mean stuff about eachother, but then this web page kick$ A$$ its wicked (27 Aug 2002)

D\'Anna Wolodka: hi,I think this is a realy cool web site and stuff but i think that no body should be alout to right bad stuff in here about any one because You and some others may not know how they feel about ppl saying stuff, like me ppl say stuff about me and lots it bothers me so much (27 Aug 2002)

khaled: Nice Site!(27 Aug 2002)

Erin: I love this site. I especially like the poem Be Happy Today. It's inspirational. My friend really liked it too. I read it out loud to my drama class. (27 Aug 2002)

bradd: This is my faovite site!(26 Aug 2002)