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Rama: Mmmm nice to find old class mates .Nice website. Alame helli student ;) (11 Sep 2002)

mahdi: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(10 Sep 2002)

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Lcinda: Very good, thank you (10 Sep 2002)

maziyar: how you doing?i hope i find you in the internent. (10 Sep 2002)

maziyar: i loves girs from my country i hope every body in the coumputer we fund eachther. (10 Sep 2002)

saleh: saleh (09 Sep 2002)

Denise: hiya, i saw the peach thing on gramham norton(great show) & i had 2 look at it cos i thought it was so XxXxXxX (09 Sep 2002)

mohammad abolahy: ba bandeh lotfan sohbat konid pikchers zeba beferested motashakeram (09 Sep 2002)

vu anh thu: Wonderful site..(09 Sep 2002)

RaNai: Wonderful site..(09 Sep 2002)

Ebi: good lock (08 Sep 2002)

Hossein: Salam Sitet kheili ghashange (07 Sep 2002)

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Sharareh: hi there ! you have a great site special cool links :) (07 Sep 2002)

sarah: Really enjoyed looking through your site.... Interesting and funny Take care Sarah (06 Sep 2002)


Elham: sayt shoma kheyli jalebe! akshaye ziyadtari vared konid (06 Sep 2002)

Jen: I needed some nicknames and i didn't find one that was sensable...what's up with that? (06 Sep 2002)

tessa: Cool, keep up the nice site!(05 Sep 2002)

Fu\'ad: I liked wot i saw. email me baby. call me too: +27-72-4746-593 (05 Sep 2002)

robbie: One of the best home pages around. Great! (05 Sep 2002)

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Bahman Zarrabi: salam bashar,delam gerefteh,chare ye dard e ma ra na to dani yo na man! ghorboon to bokhoram (04 Sep 2002)

~*~Anna~*~: omg i love ur page i wish i knew more pages like ur if u do can u send me some plz & remember i love ur site! (04 Sep 2002)

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Reza: Salam Daee! (03 Sep 2002)

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~Kristan~: This Page Is Alright... It Could use alittle better nicknames like actual one's NOT "quotes" lol.. but It sure is kewl.. peace ! (31 Aug 2002)

areli: salaam (31 Aug 2002)

SIROUSSE: Great! Keep it up!(31 Aug 2002)

.......: I like this site!(31 Aug 2002)