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Stephen Caffrey: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(21 Sep 2002)

tes: asd (21 Sep 2002)

hessam: Hello (21 Sep 2002)

Bullie_Rulz: This page is pretty good but there is to much crap in it (21 Sep 2002)

mahdi: hi (21 Sep 2002)

mahdi: hi (21 Sep 2002)

Danielle: This is an awsome web site. i love how useful it is! (20 Sep 2002)

jeanna (draves) cartwright u.s.a: good site:) made me laugh:) (20 Sep 2002)

hamed: I like this site!(20 Sep 2002)

Darla Drake: Good Job!(20 Sep 2002)

priya: Nice work..(19 Sep 2002)

cycy: guestbook signed , duuuuuuuuh duuuuuuuuh (19 Sep 2002)

jon: friends told me about this site (19 Sep 2002)

mahmoud: i can not get your password to see the images pls. can you sent me it . thanks, moody (19 Sep 2002)

zaini: i enjoy your site and wish to get your kind permission to extract some photos for publication in book entitled the history of kaabah and the 3 great mosques (19 Sep 2002)

[Anonymous]: may allah curse u for makin such a flithly site (19 Sep 2002)

ali bigham: keep it cool dude. (19 Sep 2002)

Kat: poopin' passwords! (19 Sep 2002)

hass: Nice Site!(19 Sep 2002)

fcxtfds: Cool, keep up the nice site!(18 Sep 2002)

kontol: This is my faovite site!(18 Sep 2002)

masoud: Great! Keep it up!(17 Sep 2002)

Zora: Thank you,Ahmad this is nice site.I enjoy it very much,specialy fun-part (religion and WTC). (16 Sep 2002)

mahmoud: Nice work..(16 Sep 2002)

ali: YOU HAVE A VERY GOOD SITE. (16 Sep 2002)

nothing: Awesome job!(16 Sep 2002)

saeed hashemi golpayegani: (16 Sep 2002)

zora: Hi,Anna it is great art of living to learn not to be bothered with what ppl are saying..I got help through meditation and learning from wise ppl what/who am I and what is life.. all the best zora (16 Sep 2002)

sima: salam hal shoma chetor hast ghorban shoma sima (16 Sep 2002)

farzad: Nice Site!(16 Sep 2002)

a: hi (15 Sep 2002)

majid: I'd like to find a good friend in every where. (15 Sep 2002)

Garett moe: sum1 email me . And yo tight site (15 Sep 2002)

ali bigham: arz konam khedmate bache bahalaye in zarbol masale bi mazzei hast ke mige :"ma ke rosvaye jahaanim,ghame Alam pashm ast".harf nadari ahmad joon.fadAii dari.mikhamet. (15 Sep 2002)

bigham: cool website.good job. (15 Sep 2002)

[Anonymous]: don't beg me I will not sign it!! (14 Sep 2002)

Maryam Javaheri: Good Job!(14 Sep 2002)

Anonymos man!: Gr8 site! (14 Sep 2002)

mir javad seiedhosseini: hello! I am an iranian writer. I want to find an woman,sfriend in farsi literature. (14 Sep 2002)

phara: hello! how are you this site is verry cool!! i enter a lots of nicks! verry good nick you know wath we say: cool nicknames are good nicknames ;) heheh so bye bye lots of love ! (14 Sep 2002)

LAGOS: KEEP OFF. (14 Sep 2002)

ali: Great! Keep it up!(14 Sep 2002)

Vahid: Dear Mr. Anvari, I Saw your nice web site, My name is Vahid,I would like to invite you seeing my home page. Your truly, Vahid (13 Sep 2002)

He is Busted: After reading your site. I'm dumping my cheating man.If there is a good man out there, E-mail me (12 Sep 2002)

Kris: Great site you've got here, good job :) (12 Sep 2002)

outlaw: Excellent site, man...(11 Sep 2002)

nima: cooooooooool.(shahid beheshty stu.) (11 Sep 2002)

sumayya007: Great! Keep it up!(11 Sep 2002)

Majid: I like this site!(11 Sep 2002)

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