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masoomeh: your site is very good for me. thanks (30 Sep 2002)

Ben Eller: Nothing like dehumanizing your enemies. Beats having to debate them. (30 Sep 2002)

msg_abbasi: i love you (30 Sep 2002)

dfsdf: ertwetwert (30 Sep 2002)

Raphael Cheney: Neat! (29 Sep 2002)

danielle: hi my name is, as you can see, danielle and i was wondering if you could maybe do a consert or send somthin or even come see me and ma friends!~ we love you!~ your are idal and we would realy like to hear or see you in some way. i live in frenchtown nj and its realy small but fun some times! ma friend is goin to bring ivy and me to ny on her b-day and we are going to see you stors and food places and we are going to dres like you and ware jLo glow! ( i luv it so0o0o much its grrate ):) so.... i got to go but plz let me know some thin by you luv your bigest fan ~*~*"D"*~*~ (29 Sep 2002)

ahmed: want acquaintance on friend (29 Sep 2002)

mahdi: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(29 Sep 2002)

hamidreza: salam (29 Sep 2002)

[Anonymous]: (29 Sep 2002)

kambiz samadi: do you know what my name means? if you could send me an email about it... "kambiz" thank you !! (29 Sep 2002)

rasol: Nice work..(29 Sep 2002)

bijan amiri: site shoma besyar baraye man jaleb ast.chon emkan ashnaei va dosti bein javanan irani ra va dar natijea samimiat bishtar mian iranian ra faraham mikonad.baraye shoma hamvare arezoye movafaghiat daram. (28 Sep 2002)

maria-clara: notin im so popular just shut up ok?? (28 Sep 2002)

dihmi: thanks for that (28 Sep 2002)

Lenario: Good Job!(28 Sep 2002)

jake mildred: I was at and it is an impressive site. I have used the services of and I highly recommend them. They also have another presence at and that's a nice design too. is more targetted towards search engines I think. Thanks. Jake (28 Sep 2002)

so mor: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(28 Sep 2002)

terry: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(28 Sep 2002)

terry: Awesome job!(28 Sep 2002)

LAGOS: KEEP IT UP. (27 Sep 2002)

saeed: Two thumbs up...(27 Sep 2002)

Yalda Jay: I think it's a kool site, it's the first time I came on here and my name is Yalda. I decided to check my name out on here and I decided to be a guest. Asalm-u-lakim all my persian /Afghan brothers and sisters (27 Sep 2002)

Susan: Cool, keep up the nice site!(26 Sep 2002)

..*:: (*)..La--_()_iMi ..(*)..*::: pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff tis ne schoone site (26 Sep 2002)

Mohammad: ??? (26 Sep 2002)


Joe Dupont: Dear Mr. Ford, Please place Aline's name in nomination to the NJ Aviation Hall of Fame. Thank you. (25 Sep 2002)

countrygirl: good site (24 Sep 2002)

reza: sdfggvdsgfesgfegfergfergferfger (24 Sep 2002)

: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(24 Sep 2002)

shaun: Cool, keep up the nice site!(24 Sep 2002)

Kwaliteg: Nice Site (23 Sep 2002)

paniz: Nice Site!(23 Sep 2002)

iman: good luck boy! (23 Sep 2002)

ali_eshghipour: salam khobi man tamam filmhaiat ra dideam va behtarinash dasthae aloude ast momken hast baraie man benevisid chetori bazigar shodid ba male (23 Sep 2002)

1 ema that rox: thanx all u people hu put in sum really good micknames :) all u people hu said shit bout nothin dun u have anythang else 2 do? i mean make up a website then u can write all the shit u wana write and then ull have sumthang 2 do wif ur time :) instead of usin up space wif jack all where kool nicknames r meant 2 b ;) (23 Sep 2002)

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Pamela: !Great website you have with lots of useful info and nice design too. Another good website is where it is possible to buy viagra online as well as to buy phentermine online. (23 Sep 2002)

ehsan: Two thumbs up...(22 Sep 2002)

Mike Reiach: I like the wierd questions. (22 Sep 2002)

LIZ: Great! Keep it up!(22 Sep 2002)

parisa: salam khooooooooobid? man ham khoooooobam.. (22 Sep 2002)

sina: I like this site!(21 Sep 2002)

ksgf: Wonderful site..(21 Sep 2002)

Stephen Caffrey: This is my faovite site!(21 Sep 2002)

tes: asd (21 Sep 2002)

hessam: Hello (21 Sep 2002)

Bullie_Rulz: This page is pretty good but there is to much crap in it (21 Sep 2002)

mahdi: hi (21 Sep 2002)