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Shae: I had a great time looking at your website, very well put together, informative, I will visit again soon! Take care. (06 Oct 2002)

Jo Kobra: its ok i guess (05 Oct 2002)

[Anonymous]: It's really disgusting. I have never seen such a useless site. (05 Oct 2002)

LoVe:iS:dEaD: bye (05 Oct 2002)

sLim**: hey sup yo..fucken jkz likein it..good job keep up the no effort peace..PeRsIan pRidE 4 eVa (05 Oct 2002)

hojjat: aya mishavad dar saite shoma amail dashte basham (05 Oct 2002)

gurpreet singh: very good site to visit keep on adding good stuff (05 Oct 2002)

Maggie: I was disappointed to hear I cannot eat Miracle Whip. I can not remember the last time I ate mayonaise. I have celliac/sprue and it has been told that you have gluten in your product. Please verify my information. Thanks Maggie (05 Oct 2002)

garrett: i need a new nickname besides akiman2000 i tried everything including greek gods (05 Oct 2002)

Joris: dam gooed site m8 it rocks to bad that it is of for a copple of weeks (04 Oct 2002)

hasan: none (04 Oct 2002)

nd: This is my faovite site!(04 Oct 2002)

setareh: nice web site Ahm! Big Guy's girl ;) (04 Oct 2002)

joe (Harrison Ford) DuPont: Please get this to Harrison Ford. As a pilot Harrison Ford knows the value of preserving the fresco created by Aline Rhonie Hofheimer stored at the Guggenheim Mansion in Sands Point , Long Island. This famous fresco tells the history of aviation from the very beginning to Lindbergh. Aline Rhonie Hofheimer was a WW II hero in many ways. Iknow that if Mr. Ford finds out about this that he will help out to get this put up in the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Long Island. (04 Oct 2002)

nick luyten: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(03 Oct 2002)

Deniska: Your(s) site is exelent. I from Russia. I think that number its'n quality. I wanted to see here more foto about Japan, science, pranks and other. (03 Oct 2002)

nevin: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(03 Oct 2002)

ann: Wanting to find a job in Dubai, appreciate it if you have referrals. Clerical job will do or any customer service type or in sales. (03 Oct 2002)

hayley: the only thing is that dont get this website anymmore it has changed so i dont know how to get to the nicknames so if anyone knows can they please write something back in this guestbook to tell me (03 Oct 2002)

Webmaestro: Very nice website. Please visit URGENT my website!!! :) (03 Oct 2002)

jacqui: this is a really good site but it would be better if people would stop writing stupid stuff on it. (03 Oct 2002)

Denise: my favorite movie is the die hard are you going to me a 4 (03 Oct 2002)

Denise: my favorite movie you are in is die hard are you going to make a 4 (03 Oct 2002)

Parisa Rabie: This is my faovite site!(02 Oct 2002)

rezamansuri: Excellent site, man...(02 Oct 2002)

shadi: hey, the last post was hilarious... i relate!!! :-) (02 Oct 2002)

niaz: i love you andy (02 Oct 2002)

sora soraee: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(01 Oct 2002)

Emz: yer its a good site and all if ppl would stop writing crap on it. but otherwise its really good :) (01 Oct 2002)

sina: Good Job!(01 Oct 2002)

Charlie Macgill: This is my faovite site!(01 Oct 2002)

jaclyn adames: HI JLO (01 Oct 2002)

F.L. Marshall: Great site lots of creative stuff. (01 Oct 2002)

arash: arash hastam 20 sale.daneshjo. donbale yek yar migardam. lotfan e.mile befrest. motshaker (01 Oct 2002)

Maya Blease: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(30 Sep 2002)

Farid Ali: just stopping by again... had fun seeing the pics last time (30 Sep 2002)

masoomeh: your site is very good for me. thanks (30 Sep 2002)

Ben Eller: Nothing like dehumanizing your enemies. Beats having to debate them. (30 Sep 2002)

msg_abbasi: i love you (30 Sep 2002)

dfsdf: ertwetwert (30 Sep 2002)

Raphael Cheney: Neat! (29 Sep 2002)

danielle: hi my name is, as you can see, danielle and i was wondering if you could maybe do a consert or send somthin or even come see me and ma friends!~ we love you!~ your are idal and we would realy like to hear or see you in some way. i live in frenchtown nj and its realy small but fun some times! ma friend is goin to bring ivy and me to ny on her b-day and we are going to see you stors and food places and we are going to dres like you and ware jLo glow! ( i luv it so0o0o much its grrate ):) so.... i got to go but plz let me know some thin by you luv your bigest fan ~*~*"D"*~*~ (29 Sep 2002)

ahmed: want acquaintance on friend (29 Sep 2002)

mahdi: Good Job!(29 Sep 2002)

hamidreza: salam (29 Sep 2002)

[Anonymous]: (29 Sep 2002)

kambiz samadi: do you know what my name means? if you could send me an email about it... "kambiz" thank you !! (29 Sep 2002)

rasol: Well done!(29 Sep 2002)

bijan amiri: site shoma besyar baraye man jaleb ast.chon emkan ashnaei va dosti bein javanan irani ra va dar natijea samimiat bishtar mian iranian ra faraham mikonad.baraye shoma hamvare arezoye movafaghiat daram. (28 Sep 2002)

maria-clara: notin im so popular just shut up ok?? (28 Sep 2002)