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thom alim: Wonderful site..(12 Oct 2002)

Mindy: I would like to get a Fliter for Yahoo CHAT HOW DO I DO THAT? (12 Oct 2002)

mohamad: i love you if you love you send me a messege and tell me (11 Oct 2002)

mohamad: gfsdggdsgfds (11 Oct 2002)

masood: salam be hame (11 Oct 2002)

Ali Karimi: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(11 Oct 2002)

Shredder: What a bunch of tossers. Kill Bin, Kill Sadam, Kill Techno. (11 Oct 2002)

patrick mc manus: Good Job!(11 Oct 2002)

zwai: my page: (11 Oct 2002)

zwai: nice site! if anybody want listen music go to my page. (11 Oct 2002)

steven kearney: I just typed in my name in google's seaqrch engine and came up with your guest book. I too have the name steven kearney. Nice name isn't it? If you get the time e-mail me back at my e-mail address at Hope to talk to you later! -Steve (10 Oct 2002)

Michelle: Wow, finally found a good site for daily visits! Awesome site. Fun and current. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy. Linking to you, Michelle (10 Oct 2002)

hey: Cool, keep up the nice site!(10 Oct 2002)

L. Manning: Wonderful site..(10 Oct 2002)

ali bigham: salam be hameye ahle halaye in site,alalkhosoos osta anvari.arz konam hozoretoon ke valla man ye doste besyare khob va aziz dashtam ke ishoon be hich dalayele morboot ya movajjehei refaghat ba in bandeye haghir ro kenar gozashtand,az ghazaa in doste man alagheye ziadi be in site dare,man mikhastam az hameye dostan,asatid,va pishkesvat haye in site khahesh konam,be in rafighe nime rahe bandeh,ye sohbati bekonand ke kamter dele in janeb ro va on hazrate ellie az shahre sandiego hastim.please komak konid ke ishon dobare ba man harf bezane,esme mosta'are ishon "adasi" tashakkore faravan,dorod va sepas...ali ke rosvaye jahanim,,ghame Alam pashm ast. (10 Oct 2002)

n: Great! Keep it up!(10 Oct 2002)

Martin Axford: Hi there Is it possible to visit the Boeing factory in Seattle? My daughter will be in the USA in November and would like to visit if this is possible. Thank you Martin Axford (09 Oct 2002)

Hossein: Salam . Man Donbal ye dost internety megardam My E_mail (09 Oct 2002)

bahareh: az didan website shoma kheili lezat bordam. baratoon arezoye moafaghiat daram. (09 Oct 2002)

farid: with compliment's (09 Oct 2002)

saeed: hi my dear my name is saeed. my e-mail is (09 Oct 2002)

afra: this is the coolest website eva.. nice job jith the jokes section.. k, gtg ...l8r (09 Oct 2002)

yam/\\/a: salaam! gr8 site, plz have the nicknems back soon. (09 Oct 2002)

AK: very good work (08 Oct 2002)

AznQuackQuak: premo site man keep up da good work (08 Oct 2002)

asif: ihave good nick any stars (07 Oct 2002)

CiNkY cLo: hey gd site keep up da gd wwork!! (07 Oct 2002)

shirin: Hello , everybody. this is shirin What are you doing in this site? (07 Oct 2002)

downtowner: yooo hip-hop and rap all the time;) (06 Oct 2002)

shaghayegh: man ba hedyeh nesbat daram ..farmayeshi bood,dar khedmat e shoma hastam,, movafagh bashid .. bye (06 Oct 2002)

shaghayegh_fn: Awesome job!(06 Oct 2002)

afshin: I glad to meet your guestbook be success too! (06 Oct 2002)

Hadi Nobakhti: I am your brother's friend ( Mehdi),graduated from Allameh-Hellli ,and I think You are just the way you were. hope to see your reply. (06 Oct 2002)

[Anonymous]: The "Stella Awards" is an internet hoax. Please see: (06 Oct 2002)

Shae: I had a great time looking at your website, very well put together, informative, I will visit again soon! Take care. (06 Oct 2002)

Jo Kobra: its ok i guess (05 Oct 2002)

[Anonymous]: It's really disgusting. I have never seen such a useless site. (05 Oct 2002)

LoVe:iS:dEaD: bye (05 Oct 2002)

sLim**: hey sup yo..fucken jkz likein it..good job keep up the no effort peace..PeRsIan pRidE 4 eVa (05 Oct 2002)

hojjat: aya mishavad dar saite shoma amail dashte basham (05 Oct 2002)

gurpreet singh: very good site to visit keep on adding good stuff (05 Oct 2002)

Maggie: I was disappointed to hear I cannot eat Miracle Whip. I can not remember the last time I ate mayonaise. I have celliac/sprue and it has been told that you have gluten in your product. Please verify my information. Thanks Maggie (05 Oct 2002)

garrett: i need a new nickname besides akiman2000 i tried everything including greek gods (05 Oct 2002)

Joris: dam gooed site m8 it rocks to bad that it is of for a copple of weeks (04 Oct 2002)

hasan: none (04 Oct 2002)

nd: Good Job!(04 Oct 2002)

setareh: nice web site Ahm! Big Guy's girl ;) (04 Oct 2002)

joe (Harrison Ford) DuPont: Please get this to Harrison Ford. As a pilot Harrison Ford knows the value of preserving the fresco created by Aline Rhonie Hofheimer stored at the Guggenheim Mansion in Sands Point , Long Island. This famous fresco tells the history of aviation from the very beginning to Lindbergh. Aline Rhonie Hofheimer was a WW II hero in many ways. Iknow that if Mr. Ford finds out about this that he will help out to get this put up in the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Long Island. (04 Oct 2002)

nick luyten: I like this site!(03 Oct 2002)

Deniska: Your(s) site is exelent. I from Russia. I think that number its'n quality. I wanted to see here more foto about Japan, science, pranks and other. (03 Oct 2002)