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anonymous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: i think this website has alot of rockin ideas and should keep on writin it thingys (30 Oct 2002)

Sue: What a cool site!!!! (30 Oct 2002)

Dan Ross: We really enjoyed visiting your website and found it very useful. (30 Oct 2002)

nadia: what a fantastic of the best i've seen in ages...keep up the good work (30 Oct 2002)

Doodle: This is my faovite site!(29 Oct 2002)

iraj naderi: sm2_mansoor1 (29 Oct 2002)

Aton: Ahmad + Anvari: One who is praised + source of light . . . -> May the sun always brighten your words and the moon celebrate your star . . . (29 Oct 2002)

ali: This is my faovite site!(29 Oct 2002)

Ed: great site! (29 Oct 2002)

Ted: I like your cool links. Who designed your web site? You can check out my web site at (29 Oct 2002)

Amy: Love your funny pics in your photo albums keeps it going (28 Oct 2002)

Markus: nice site! keep up the good work! (28 Oct 2002)

abol: hello losi (28 Oct 2002)

Dee: Good Luck (28 Oct 2002)

Me: I really loved the fact that you took pictures of mountains, canyons and basically nature. I also liked your high school pictures. Now I realize how much I miss my friends. I really enjoyed the site. Best wishes for you. (28 Oct 2002)

patricia beaver: What a wonderful web site, I have just felt like I have traveled to your beautiful country. Thank you. (28 Oct 2002)

eye: W454 (28 Oct 2002)

phil akertyne: the nicknames is helpful. cheers (28 Oct 2002)

juturu: Hi, Great Work. Great Effort. God bless you. I will also send you related stuff to you by mail. J.R.Babu @@@@ =juturu TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE !!!! FREE EMAIL NEWSLETTER SHOWS YOU HOW !!! (27 Oct 2002)

habibkum: it is v nice site (27 Oct 2002)

DJ: Love the site!!! (27 Oct 2002)

Yaaaa...GRRR: yaaaah, thats stupid. (27 Oct 2002)

nazi: very very interesting. You are a great man (27 Oct 2002)

The Queen of Arabia: Bumped into you, when I did a search on Google using Dubai + blog! Too bad you ain't in Dubai :D (27 Oct 2002)

Ambika Ganapathy: great sight. thanks. (27 Oct 2002)

sayeh: test (26 Oct 2002)

EHSSAN: Cool, keep up the nice site!(26 Oct 2002)

john stimmel: thank you like your guest book (26 Oct 2002)

Ifeoma Okafor: HI! PLEASE EMAIL ME! I dont know u but my last name and urs..i knows it common in Nigeria...but im from dad hes not..He was born in Africa, Nigeria.. He is Ibu.. His name is Danny Okafor.. Youngest son of Oseeta(did i spell it right?) Okafor...Please help me find my dad..please!?! (26 Oct 2002)

Ted: That web site was awesome. Check out this one if you have the time because I find it really useful (26 Oct 2002)

Becky: I'm not sure how i happened upon your site, but it's awesome! (25 Oct 2002)

rostam: Cool, keep up the nice site!(25 Oct 2002)


Pavlovs dog: Ta for the great wheeze :) (25 Oct 2002)

jenny wilcox: a really cool site i sent to all my mates (25 Oct 2002)

kourosh: interesting (25 Oct 2002)

yg: This is my faovite site!(25 Oct 2002)

isra: Hi! I accidentally been to your web page. Pretty interesting. Tnx. TC! (25 Oct 2002)

reza_ j: anvari joon kheili ba hali (25 Oct 2002)

Chris: i impress by site (25 Oct 2002) Hi Ahmad, I liked you web site. SF is a nice plac to live in, huh? Anyways, I wish you all the good in your work (24 Oct 2002)

Honey: good job !!! (24 Oct 2002)

soheil: koli hal kardim va estefade bordim (24 Oct 2002)

suchan: nice site, keep up the good work check out (24 Oct 2002)

Diana: tHis is a Nice paGe!!!!! I LiKE iT sErIouSlY, I fOUnD a LoT oF cOoLNickNaMes! buT I dONt knOw whO I CaN wrIte mY nicKnames,,,tHey aRe sO cOoLs!! sEe Ya DiaNa ;) (24 Oct 2002)

James: Great site. Thanks for the cool links (23 Oct 2002)

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hossein: good job sir.we do appreciate your kind effort in the field of computer hossein (23 Oct 2002)

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