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Ted: That web site was awesome. Check out this one if you have the time because I find it really useful (26 Oct 2002)

Becky: I'm not sure how i happened upon your site, but it's awesome! (25 Oct 2002)

rostam: Well done!(25 Oct 2002)


Pavlovs dog: Ta for the great wheeze :) (25 Oct 2002)

jenny wilcox: a really cool site i sent to all my mates (25 Oct 2002)

kourosh: interesting (25 Oct 2002)

yg: Good Job!(25 Oct 2002)

isra: Hi! I accidentally been to your web page. Pretty interesting. Tnx. TC! (25 Oct 2002)

reza_ j: anvari joon kheili ba hali (25 Oct 2002)

Chris: i impress by site (25 Oct 2002) Hi Ahmad, I liked you web site. SF is a nice plac to live in, huh? Anyways, I wish you all the good in your work (24 Oct 2002)

Honey: good job !!! (24 Oct 2002)

soheil: koli hal kardim va estefade bordim (24 Oct 2002)

suchan: nice site, keep up the good work check out (24 Oct 2002)

Diana: tHis is a Nice paGe!!!!! I LiKE iT sErIouSlY, I fOUnD a LoT oF cOoLNickNaMes! buT I dONt knOw whO I CaN wrIte mY nicKnames,,,tHey aRe sO cOoLs!! sEe Ya DiaNa ;) (24 Oct 2002)

James: Great site. Thanks for the cool links (23 Oct 2002)

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hossein: good job sir.we do appreciate your kind effort in the field of computer hossein (23 Oct 2002)

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Alireza Tajalli va Mahmoudreza Ahmadi: Salam ahmad maro yadete? man o mahhmoudreza alan too otaghe mahmoudreza to waterloo neshastim. man ham gharare hafteye baad beram winnipeg. chekara mikoni? ajab siti dorost kardi , dametgarm, koli kaf kardim. kojayee/ chetori bahat tamas begirim, keya onlini? mahmoudreza inja dare ms mikhoone . man ham az jan. too daneshgahe manitoba phd shoroo mikonam . zan nagerefti? :) canada nemiyay? oonja maloome ke kheyli khosh migzare ( az axa maloome). E-mail bezan , dar tamas bash. movafagh bashi. khodafez Mahmoudreza va Alireza (23 Oct 2002)

HOMINOM: i really admire ur biography and ur work. i wish u all the best in the world and keep in progress. (22 Oct 2002)

keith: I am an english male of 52- composer- poet- healer and teacher of music and english and i would like to write to all femalkes who are creative and interesting. (22 Oct 2002)

jane hix: Excellent site, man...(22 Oct 2002)

kimmy: this site is sooooooo cool (22 Oct 2002)

Sharareh omrani: cool website :) (22 Oct 2002)

AMIR ANSARI: I spent 5 hour on your web site to explore and enjoying with fun section and reading text nice color but if you use jpeg images i think your web site more faster and use flash animations i never 5 hourse before any web site thanks BYE TXN AMIR ANSARI (21 Oct 2002)

Roozbeh: Great pix! I've download'em all! (21 Oct 2002)

Vicki: That's great! Really.... (21 Oct 2002)

agam: rad homepage..keep up the good work! (21 Oct 2002)

Mo: keep up the good work (21 Oct 2002)

Amanda: Your website is so cool. All my friends will have to visit here. (20 Oct 2002)

pavan kumar: good (20 Oct 2002)

juma: Two thumbs up...(20 Oct 2002)

Ghadir: I LOVE YOU. (20 Oct 2002)

Melody: I like your links. You should add more to your biography, though. :) (20 Oct 2002)

keith: I am an english male of 52- composer- poet- healer and teacher- and- i am looking for all Thai females to be my friend- in april i went to Chiang Mai. (19 Oct 2002)

sameera: what is this thing? (19 Oct 2002)

Jesus Torres: so do you live like in Israel? or some place in the Middle East? well its cool!! i like your homepage!! email me or AIM me ( je8404 ) k! laterz!!! (19 Oct 2002)

amir: salam hedieh jan. man asheghe shoma nazare man shoma behtarinid. kash mitonestam shomaro bebinam ya sedatoono beshnavam. (19 Oct 2002)

Amanda: Stumbled onto your web page.Who are you? (18 Oct 2002)

MIKUL SHAH: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(18 Oct 2002)

[Anonymous]: Oh yeahhhhhhh :P~~~ (18 Oct 2002)

terry: i havent got any (18 Oct 2002)

mazyar: Nice work..(18 Oct 2002)

SABA: ی یی ی ی ی ی ی ی . (18 Oct 2002)

darren mackie: cool site. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Hoy, Hoy, Hoy! (18 Oct 2002)

ali b: hello every body.kasi khabari az khanomi be name hoda nadare? (18 Oct 2002)