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Ati: I was searching for one of my friends and I got to see you web site. It's a cool web site. I wish you all the best and the photos you have from Iran are great. (19 Nov 2002)

Haroon: Ummmm !!! (19 Nov 2002)

amr: Two thumbs up...(19 Nov 2002)

ahmad lavasani: Nice Site!(18 Nov 2002)

Angela Stanton: Hi Eangelica, These pictures are real cool! What camera did you use to get them this high quality? Angela (18 Nov 2002)

milad: dear leesa send me an E-mail and say about yourself milad (18 Nov 2002)

جبران خليل جبران: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(17 Nov 2002)

Amin Minooei: Nice work..(17 Nov 2002)



Frances Hohman: Good Job!(17 Nov 2002)

Jackie: Hi I like your web site my daughter and I friend are going to go to The Mall of America and well we wanted to know what kind of stores are in the mall of my daughter Becky her aol screen name is beckster854 thank you if you know what stores are in the mall of America. I like the web site a lot and I hope we will see you all at the mall of America! Bye. (16 Nov 2002)

Saba: Ahmad, cool site. Keep up the good work. (15 Nov 2002)

effi: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(15 Nov 2002)

taha: heloo my name is taha from iran (14 Nov 2002)

Jeff Bay: Ahmad, I enjoyed your site. Would take days to go through it all. I didn't realize Tehran was such a beautiful city! (14 Nov 2002)

Neda: i think this is one of the bahalest websites ever. agha dastet dard nakoneh hal kardim. ghorbanat Neda Khanoom xxx (14 Nov 2002)

shayma: i love u ali karimi (14 Nov 2002)

Leesa: Cool Site! (14 Nov 2002)

saeed: Nice work..(14 Nov 2002)

javad hooshmand: Nice work..(13 Nov 2002)

yaser: Education of barber (13 Nov 2002)

donna: your website is soooo cool! i love visiting it often especially the cute kidz!hope to see more! =) (13 Nov 2002)

[Anonymous]: Nice Site!(13 Nov 2002)

megan hughes: hey wuz up this movie was off the chain!!!! i cant wait til next one!! (13 Nov 2002)

lester rice: i would like to see more naked girls please (13 Nov 2002) NOW YOU SEE ME NOW YOU DON`T. (13 Nov 2002)

From: Carla, Charlene, -&- Charlotte: Dust and durst, crud and earth... might be a nobel prize for maybe maybe!!!!!! (13 Nov 2002)

Lynn: this stuff was too funny. (12 Nov 2002)

hamed: you made my day you mde me laugh (12 Nov 2002)

Arash: I saw your home page. It's grate! (12 Nov 2002)

john wainwright: john w. blease jr. 313 s. banks st. saluda s.c 29138 (12 Nov 2002)

thomas wainwright: Nice work..(12 Nov 2002)

Ali Amiri: Ahmad Jan, Why have you shaved your hairs? U want to go to military service in US? ;) so funny. (12 Nov 2002)

mohammad mosavi: Two thumbs up...(12 Nov 2002)

Toraj Nakhei: Great web page (11 Nov 2002)

brandon: Great! Keep it up!(11 Nov 2002)

yasir malik: hai koi shadi karney wala............ (11 Nov 2002)

prim: Finally, when w'r gonna marry mann? ;) (11 Nov 2002)

michael: i would like to find the peach please (11 Nov 2002)

Rachael: I like your page alot. You have some tight jokes. oh and the pictures a great... you go some pretty eyes! holla at me..... AIM name is LilMizMagic831 (11 Nov 2002)

rachael: i saw the web address and thought i would just check it out (10 Nov 2002)

janie: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(10 Nov 2002)

ali: Good Job!(10 Nov 2002)

ALI NADJARI: This is my faovite site!(10 Nov 2002)

shakti: This site is very fine (10 Nov 2002)

ghadirlohrasbi: send my best greet to my heart elham. (10 Nov 2002)

noneyabusiness: Hmm..Nice site and all but this site seems more like a chatroom and i think you should include a chatroom in here =) just a ppl can write real nicknames on this site, yeah dont take it the wrong way though..yeah so anyways Peace! (10 Nov 2002)

Robynn: email me ppl (10 Nov 2002)

hamed: i like read about computer and .... (09 Nov 2002)