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mohammadrezajafari: Good Job!(28 Nov 2002)

maryam: ur site is really nice and fresh !but the photos downloads so late make them smaller pls and if u may add there in the above DOWNLOAD WHOLE SELECTION that would save more time ok? (28 Nov 2002)

Marlene: I Love Smiley Faces!!!! (28 Nov 2002)

lisa: Man oh man...ur site is really good...great job..keep it up!! (27 Nov 2002)

mina: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(27 Nov 2002)

farshad: Awesome job!(27 Nov 2002)

ashwini: good loving smart tall care of me (27 Nov 2002)

armaghan: خيلي سايت خوبي است . موفق باشيد . فقط سازمان دهي ان را بهتر كنيد كه بيدا كردن مطالب اسان تر باشد. پاريس (27 Nov 2002)

Brianna: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(27 Nov 2002)

Faryal Malik: Assalamu alaikum i am form pakistan and i like ur is really a pretty good effort and really cool...good wishes form my heart for u. (27 Nov 2002)

bob jarrach: Cool, keep up the nice site!(26 Nov 2002)

Navid: Salam! This is one of the best pages I have ever visited.. movafagh bashid! greetings from Norway! (26 Nov 2002)

Arun Kumar: Well done!(26 Nov 2002)

Jeff: cool page (26 Nov 2002)

didem: hi ahmet..i was just checking something about sultan ahmet then found ur page by luckyly.really liked ur page..i ll galance ur page whenever i use line.anyway,u go on dear.take care..and greets from istanbul!.. (25 Nov 2002)

Mohamed Nafeel: Assalamu alaikum The site in the Net is verry needfull and please try to do some things more for islam and you also don a good work against to Cocacola(alhamdulilla) (25 Nov 2002)

cam: I loved the variety of pic's esp Mexico and Dubai! very cool... rock on Santa CRuza and Berk! (24 Nov 2002)

jason smith: Cool, keep up the nice site!(24 Nov 2002)

jason smith: Nice work..(24 Nov 2002)

Mikey: Your jokes are pretty funny Im gonna try that it worked for your but line the next time my girl asks me see if I wind up in hospital (24 Nov 2002)

u know: Great! Keep it up!(23 Nov 2002)

Setareh: WOW! thats all i gotta say! its great! im also from Tehran :) (23 Nov 2002)

i love ur site very much: I like this site!(23 Nov 2002)

Shibu Xavier: hi r u (23 Nov 2002)

lyn: cool site loved the smilieas... (22 Nov 2002)

d12: ahmed you must let make your nicknames longer (22 Nov 2002)

punked out shorty: i love this site (22 Nov 2002)

بیتا: سلام (22 Nov 2002)

guyman: i don enterooooooooooooooooooo (22 Nov 2002)

omid: danya (22 Nov 2002)

jarallah: hello i'm 10 years old only i'm from saudi arabia from hayel thanks (22 Nov 2002)

Parmis: you have done a great is impressive.farsi stuff was really cool.thanks (22 Nov 2002)

Danya: I love your page and think Graham Norton is cute! (21 Nov 2002)

MARIA WHITE: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(21 Nov 2002)

naze: Nice Site!(21 Nov 2002)

mfd: yanni2k (21 Nov 2002)

Whitney Zohnd: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(21 Nov 2002)

mahmoud rahmanian: Wonderful site..(20 Nov 2002)

john c stimmel: thank you all (20 Nov 2002)

nima: Excellent site, man...(20 Nov 2002)

tufumaHEROIN: how many times can you spin around in a spin chair> huh? to who has a timer... today you might want to look in a mirror and ask you if YOU are getting fat.< money controls gravity people. (20 Nov 2002)

iwantanewvehickel: i dont say much (20 Nov 2002)

David Kamaski: Great Website (20 Nov 2002)

LebaneseWbass: COOl site... (20 Nov 2002)

mahmood: our college professor is called anvari too. i was trying to go to but hit this site. its intresting, and fun. (20 Nov 2002)

linzi: hey evryone!am bord and need a new nickname4msn!if neone wantz a chat just add me and ill chat! love linzi xxxxx (19 Nov 2002)

ali: pics of hedyeh tehrani (19 Nov 2002)

sha: Nice Site!(19 Nov 2002)

shamim: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(19 Nov 2002)

suresh: I LIKE U VERY MUCH (19 Nov 2002)