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amir: سلام به شما و همه ایران دوستان سایت دوست داشتنی شما را باز دید کردم بسیار خوشحالم که ما ایرانیان میتوانیم هنوز حرف اول بزنیم با ارزوی موفقیت برای شما و همه ایرانیان ایران زمین موفق باشید امیر از دوحه قطر (15 Dec 2002)

Jackie: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(15 Dec 2002)

bobby: Nice Site!(15 Dec 2002)

mohamad: Wonderful site..(15 Dec 2002)

Hamid: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(14 Dec 2002)

pouyan: your weblog is very good. (14 Dec 2002)

mehran: salam be hame agha man 1 khaheshi dashtam harki rahe ertebat ba britneyspears ro midone khaheshan be man email kone (13 Dec 2002)

aquariophilie: great site (13 Dec 2002)

vahid: Well done!(13 Dec 2002)

dc: cool site! Good luck! (13 Dec 2002)

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amin: salam kheli mamnon az sait shoma ro kheli dost darim (13 Dec 2002)

melissa: jus melissa ere, checkin out all websites, was bored but now i aunt. Anyway in abit x (13 Dec 2002)

melissa: this website is cool (13 Dec 2002)

[Anonymous]: UBOY FINE WAY IDAY HERE (13 Dec 2002)

danny mcclain: larry bird i got your rookie card and your pro card i got your michel VS larry (12 Dec 2002)

sina: Nice work..(12 Dec 2002)

babak dinarvand: Have a good time (12 Dec 2002)

babak dinarvand: i am an industrial engineer and i am working in IRAN KHODRO CO. (12 Dec 2002)

ron: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(12 Dec 2002)

Hoe: Well hey u nugga sup ur page is tight the music is KoOoL ummmm good luck at kent well peace lUV, Hoe (12 Dec 2002)

Shakira: Your site is one of the nicest that I could find after searching through many search engines! Happy new year and merry Christmas from Shakira (11 Dec 2002)

ashkan: با سلام و تشكر از سايت خيلي خوبتان ، موفق باشيد (11 Dec 2002)

mohsen: Good Job!(11 Dec 2002)

michael: wicked site yo cool (10 Dec 2002)

JAVAD: Awesome job!(10 Dec 2002)

Sue: Absolutly Love the site when r ya gettin the nicknames back ? soon pllllzzzzzz xxxxxxxxxxxx (10 Dec 2002)

tessa: eeej ! kvin deze sait wys zenne mor eum op 2 dagen seriues kunde die nie wa sneller uitkuisen !!! keb nen nick nodig zennej !!! (09 Dec 2002)

mick: Excellent site, man...(09 Dec 2002)

Tammy Brink: Nice Site!(09 Dec 2002)

Behrooz Noei: Hello How are you.You are the best actress in iran.I like your good personality. I hope your acsts in movi always be succesfull (09 Dec 2002)

Miguel: nice page ! (08 Dec 2002)

hassan: hi Dr Ali i like ur page (cooool pic) (08 Dec 2002)

nakissa: salam man nakissa moradipour az shoma mikha ham esme bazigar haye shabaky 3 ra benevisid (08 Dec 2002)

gholam ali taheri saber: Awesome job!(08 Dec 2002)

arash/iman: salaam, movaffagh bashi. (08 Dec 2002)

Amjad Musleh: Nice and awsome site man. I loved it. Please check out mine and tell me what you think. If you wanna get a laugh go to the opinion page and read some of the articles i am told the best one is the "I am better than your kids" article. check it out and tell me what you think. Really loved your site. peace. (08 Dec 2002)

Michel Holmgren: great site!! (07 Dec 2002)

Gary: This is an awesome site. Yet, at the same time... very disturbing... (07 Dec 2002)

Rolf: Nice and awesome ... ... i liked it! (07 Dec 2002)

yasmin: Hi (06 Dec 2002)

ali: This is my faovite site!(06 Dec 2002)

Angus Skinner: just started (06 Dec 2002)

abjr472000: Good Job!(06 Dec 2002)

Petr Krym: Very pretty site nice to see I was looking for a site like this (06 Dec 2002)

Becca: OMG these were the funniest things i've read in a long time especailly about the insurance and excuse notes (06 Dec 2002)

shell: loved the male brain... (05 Dec 2002)

Arash: Hey.. I like your impressions of the guys and girls there on the first page. That made me laugh my ass off for a change! (05 Dec 2002)

massoud kheir bakhsh: khoobe (05 Dec 2002)

roxana: Nice work..(04 Dec 2002)