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stephen: Nice Site!(04 Jan 2003)

mohsen: pics of hedyeh tehrani (04 Jan 2003)

AMIR BALOCHNIYA: Nice Site!(04 Jan 2003)

Akbar: Salam, Dear Ahmad, Thanks for your great and hard work. As you know I'm an English teacher and I'm going to make an English teaching complete site. ( free sources and nice and interesting one). I'll use some of your nice collections there and I need you to help me more in this regard. ( nice, short, exciting, teaching humor and jokes , funny texts, poems, articles anything that encourage our lazy students to follow it because I believe that a foreign language ought to be learnt not to be taught. I dont like to stick myself or my students attentions only to our standard textbooks because I think they are nonsense, but I should feed my students by nice and exciting materials that not only help them to learn English but also help them to think how happily they can live and help them to change their behaviors or manners, maybe some Moral and real lessons. Its my pleasure to get help in this regard by you or anyone who can help me. Sending such materials or introducing such kind of sites. Regards. A.Zahiri (04 Jan 2003)

stella: i cnat get these proverbs to print agasin. i had printed so many for my friends but no more. help (03 Jan 2003)

ajay: Hii Iam28 years young guy.I will come on 6th jan 2003 at your sangli.May i have your friendship please (03 Jan 2003)

zahra: Hi Ahmad, Happy new Year :) (03 Jan 2003)

dan: good sits (03 Jan 2003)

DarkSpirit: Hello, You have a wonderful website here and I was wondering if you'd like to join one of the greatest website competitions? If interested, please visit us on the web at (03 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: pretty good (03 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: Interesting site. Nice Layout. (03 Jan 2003)

armin: ye aks lokhti baram befrest (03 Jan 2003)

Katrina: Great! Keep it up!(02 Jan 2003)

Durga: Mujhse dosti karoge?!! (02 Jan 2003)

linkinpark: name is bob (01 Jan 2003)

Maryam: Your page is very funny and interesting. Thanks for all you have done. (01 Jan 2003)

sidra: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(31 Dec 2002)

BullsB: Hi Page is Nice (31 Dec 2002)

alex: Nice web page, man! Keep it up and running. Really like your weekly postings and fun archives. (31 Dec 2002)

bunch: Well done!(31 Dec 2002)

azim: (30 Dec 2002)

Farid: Nice web-site.well done, had a very enjoyable stay here. Keep up the good work, and a happy 2003 to everybody!! (30 Dec 2002)

Shridhar: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhot (30 Dec 2002)

Amir: salam doostane man. ba man hamrah shavid . (30 Dec 2002)

Ellie: Very interesting Keep up the good work (30 Dec 2002)

saleh shoar: Hi my Dear good site. pleas go to url: & send mail for me : tanks. by (30 Dec 2002)

ramin: HI (29 Dec 2002)

shirin: salam : lotfan e-mail hedyeh salam lotfan akshaye hedyeh befresti mamnon (29 Dec 2002)

think you know: enjoyed the site ty **== (29 Dec 2002)

cherie: Nice Site!(29 Dec 2002)

baktash: lotfan e-mail hedyeh tehrani be man bedi va hamchenin akshaye hedyeh befresti mamnon (29 Dec 2002)

saeed: ddwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrdf (28 Dec 2002)

zakia: dear sir i am a sunni actually am not ahmadi , but am a bit curious and i like to learn more in life , my question about ur religion is where do u perform hajj ? (28 Dec 2002)

sev: Hi every body what's going on....... (28 Dec 2002)

roohollah: Nice Site!(28 Dec 2002)

starmas: salam emrooz mikham baratoon sheer begam (27 Dec 2002)

Vincent Poirier: Nice design: Simple, functional. If you ever need to tell someone of a good Iranian restaurant in Tokyo, try Zefaran near Waseda station. (27 Dec 2002)

masoud Anvari: with the best wishes for all of you I am masoud anvary living in tehran.I think it`s intersting that we have a similar family name.perhaps you are from Naein of Isfahan like me? anyway. best regards again and have happy times. bye (26 Dec 2002)


sean: I would like to know if you have info on family name Azarmi (historically). My mother is azarmi and I have seen the name in end of sasani era. (26 Dec 2002)

sannas: I hate you and I wish that the samething happens to you a it happened to yhe armenians. (25 Dec 2002)

soheil: Well;this is a kind you for inviting us to fill in this form.I hope you and all Iranians can be successful in all part of their lives. Soheil. (22 Dec 2002)

Ahmad Namavizadeh: Best iranian site namavi is the best of best visit this site now thank you namavizadeh (22 Dec 2002)

fucl: any s.e.x.y ladies want hump (22 Dec 2002)

Joshua L. McDowell: Stumbled onto the guest book and as a McDowell wanted to sign it. Also the state kidnapped my baby girl, wanna read about it? HTTP://GEOCITIES.COM/JOSHMIA2001/ (22 Dec 2002)

tugrul: when ı am coming to seattle ı will wisil your regards (22 Dec 2002)

hvjhg: Great! Keep it up!(21 Dec 2002)

Denise Carter: Really enjoyed the website. Thanks (21 Dec 2002)

jalal: I would like to make friend with you.if you agree send email to me. (21 Dec 2002)

jalal: I love ms valipour (21 Dec 2002)