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Jen: Last night I was on your site looking around and I found this thing that said top ten worst valentines or somethin glike, that and today I went back to try to find it and I couldn't find it anywhere here, can you please tell me where it is or thatI'm just stupid? thanks so much!! by the way your site is soooo funny!! (21 Jan 2003)

amin alizade: salam man yek doste khob mikham (20 Jan 2003)

Kelly-Ann Rochester: This is my faovite site!(20 Jan 2003)

shipesh_topoll: hi salam kobi (20 Jan 2003)

amin: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(20 Jan 2003)

farid: Cool, keep up the nice site!(20 Jan 2003)

farhad: Cool, keep up the nice site!(20 Jan 2003)

Rabi\'ah Abd Rahman: It's very interesting to know about miracles (20 Jan 2003)

fared: salam (19 Jan 2003)

Dadu: A friend of everybody is a friend of nobody. I don't believe that you have even one friend! (19 Jan 2003)

hamed: salam (19 Jan 2003)

soroosh: kheyli site khoobiye age mishe aksaye khanoome hedieh tehrani ra baraye man befrestin (19 Jan 2003)

kamran ghazikia: hi iam to glad if you send me ytour data information about yourself (19 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: i once ran into a woman who had one of the most amazing sets of tits i have ever seen on the slimmest of bodies. I found out that she was persian. Wow. (19 Jan 2003)

ebi amri: seeking a nice girl (19 Jan 2003)

Sara Matkovic: Hey!Just wanted 2say Hrvatska 4life!Forza Croatia!& All The Pitchka's i know fuck ya'll ;o) (19 Jan 2003)

donya: salam azizan (18 Jan 2003)

neda: akhhhhh... (18 Jan 2003)

hamid: hi (18 Jan 2003)

gamal: Well done!(18 Jan 2003)

sasan: ghorbooone niki beram man (18 Jan 2003)

mahmood: Nice Site!(18 Jan 2003)

Michael Francis: I just wanted to tell you how much i LOVE your show!!!! It's the only show on television that has me laughing so hard tears roll down my face. You are fantastic. keep it up buddy. Do you have DVD's of your show to buy? (18 Jan 2003)

David E. Reed: I was involved in a court suit against my company "Mack Trucks Inc." where they lost 6.9 million dollars in Pittsburg, PA over a fire truck wreck which killed one person, injured a young fireman badly, and injured 5 other firemen. The driver had always walked with a cane & was an older gentlemen not trained on Heavy Trucks. He missed a gear in the 20 year old fire truck & did not apply the air brakes, nor the parking brake, just rode the truck "Georgia Overdrive" style down the hill & turned a 90 degree turn, upsetting the truck. What they proved in a court of law, was impossible with this particular shift mechanism, which incidently it nor the transmission were made by Mack Trucks, who does make transmissions. (18 Jan 2003)

Stephanie Velloso Riva: I want to marry you.You are my dream. I invite you to come to Itanhaem(So Paulo- Brazil)to weddeng...we have nice beaches here. Please...send me an answer I love you (18 Jan 2003)

not known: would u like to add the below url its on spiritual part of life Heading u can choose ,but i can suggest Deep within us What we want (18 Jan 2003)

Kim: This is not as gud as the 1 i normaly go on go 2 and click on da 1st 1 that cums up and there is 21 pages full of them (17 Jan 2003)

kuky: Hi Ahmed, I guess this is one of best sites for funny quotes and jokes on the internet. Keep up the good work. Kuky. (17 Jan 2003)

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saghy: love (16 Jan 2003)

nima: Pictures of Tedie Tehrani and Nicky Karimi please. (16 Jan 2003)

poyan: love (16 Jan 2003)

arash: salam (16 Jan 2003)

mohamad: Good Job!(16 Jan 2003)

Senia: I love this websit. I makes me think of the good old times with friends and boyfriends. Keep it up, it's very helpful. (16 Jan 2003)

Mary Jo Jeffers: I would like email sent from yall . (16 Jan 2003)

George.bremner: GRAHAM MY NAME IS GEORGE I WHATCH YOUR PROGRAM EVERY NIGHT. I AM FROM OUT SIDE LIVERPOOL ME AND MY FRENDS WOULD LOVE TO SEE YUOR PROGRAM LIVE.But i am unenplyed with two kids and it!s hard bring them up alone. see u to night on tv keep up with the very good work. if u have time after the show please ring 07971 055125 thank you. (15 Jan 2003)

hadea: Two thumbs up...(15 Jan 2003)

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