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mohammad: Two thumbs up...(27 Jan 2003)

isy: Nice work..(27 Jan 2003)

moe: Excellent site, man...(27 Jan 2003)

Noor: Very Nice-who took the photo's of the iranian women? (27 Jan 2003)

ali: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(27 Jan 2003)

faribborz: This is my faovite site!(26 Jan 2003)

Babak - M: I am glad to see your web site. Thank you ! (26 Jan 2003)

hedyeh tehrani: Great! Keep it up!(26 Jan 2003)

farivar: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(26 Jan 2003)

paul: Cool, keep up the nice site!(26 Jan 2003)

Allie: i luv this site!!!!! its awesome!!!!! (26 Jan 2003)

David Stefanian: Good News For Iranians (26 Jan 2003)

dara: hi susi pleas send me your e-mail (26 Jan 2003)

fraz: Wonderful site..(26 Jan 2003)

hg: Well done!(26 Jan 2003)

hadi: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(26 Jan 2003)

Michel Holmgren: this is funny, how old are you? were do you live? (25 Jan 2003)

saleh: khoshhal mishm be man E.mail bezanid. ba omid movafaghiat baraie shoma doost aziz.bye (25 Jan 2003)

saleh: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(25 Jan 2003)

L: NOTHING (25 Jan 2003)

majid: salam man hastam pesari kheyly khoob va khoshtip migi na emtehan kon (25 Jan 2003)

nima: pics of hedyeh tehrani (25 Jan 2003)

Korrin: Newfoundland ROCKs... (24 Jan 2003)

yashar: Excellent site, man...(24 Jan 2003)

linzi: Two thumbs up...(24 Jan 2003)

evelyn ruffin: This is my faovite site!(24 Jan 2003)

jean v crotty: 23 jan 2003 set my google search for engineers give milk and came to four advantages of breast milk. my fatherhood grp encourages men to give their wives the kind of support they need to nurse baby the natural way. not by pumping milk but by nursing the way nature intended. this creates a bond for the man,woman and the child that endures. (24 Jan 2003)

alex: i'm bald to (23 Jan 2003)

Babak Merikhi: Dear sir: Thank you for your designing site . i get some idea about that . Regards. (23 Jan 2003)

BABAK: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(23 Jan 2003)

Sina: mer30 Ashkan jan va dastet dard nakone (23 Jan 2003)

Tabrez: Nice Site!(23 Jan 2003)

mamadrez: sexy picture of hedie tehrani (23 Jan 2003)

mehrad: Wonderful site..(23 Jan 2003)

joe: I thought some of them were very good , who ever did this did a good job (23 Jan 2003)

Karen mcgowan: i love your show graham i havnt missed 1 so far. im your biggest fan. i love you (23 Jan 2003)

TPTC: Great site!!! (22 Jan 2003)

b sanders: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(22 Jan 2003)

AJUMBE: SEPU AKA GI. (22 Jan 2003)

Raja Nasir: i am looking for a good girl (22 Jan 2003)

shah: sex (22 Jan 2003)

allen: Nice Site!(22 Jan 2003)

sajjad: salam (21 Jan 2003)

eufrasie\'ke: I think that 40 characters is not enough, why not one 100 ore something like that?? And please, I want GOOD nicknames!!! (21 Jan 2003)

siny happy teenybopper queen: i have no idea what i am signing up for here, but hey, what the hell. i just wanted some ideas for new nicknames. xxxxxxx (21 Jan 2003)

amira240389: Two thumbs up...(21 Jan 2003)

sepehr: Awesome job!(21 Jan 2003)

shayan: salam azizam khoobi sara khanoom lotf konid khodetoon ro moarefi konid mikham ba shoma ashena besham manam doosetoon daram be sharti ke e-mail bezanid mamnoonam khoda hafez (21 Jan 2003)

afshin rahimi: I am Afshin Rahimi and i am looking for my friend named Majid Razeghian Gahromi. When i searched in Google i saw you web page and i saw a name :shahin Razeghian Gahromi.I guess the numbered above can help me to find Majid .Would you do me this favor? Afshin Rahimi thanks a lot. (21 Jan 2003)

Shea: the funplex is funny as hell (21 Jan 2003)