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erfan: Wonderful site..(02 Feb 2003)

salar: Wonderful site..(01 Feb 2003)

mostafa_farajy: Excellent site, man...(01 Feb 2003)

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katayoon: Excellent site, man...(01 Feb 2003)

Arash: I like this site!(01 Feb 2003)

D. Crandell: In regards to the California quarter poll, let me say that I have been following the voting closely for a couple of weeks now. In the past two weeks, I have see dramatic shifts in the polls that can only be caused by persons manipulating the polls by unfair means. Coins #3and #7 have gone up in dramatic moves of up to 30%. These acts have compromised the whole process. Virtually all of the other choices have been driven down to points that do not reflect their true popularity. Something needs to be done to address this injustice. Thank you. D.C. (01 Feb 2003)

Farshad: Great! Keep it up!(01 Feb 2003)

ryan: any gay guys give me a shout! (01 Feb 2003)

Mariela: I enjoyed your page very much!!!! (01 Feb 2003)

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ELIZABETH: Cool, keep up the nice site!(01 Feb 2003)

sidra: Hi, where are you from? We have the same first name! (01 Feb 2003)

amir: salam akse az hedihe tehrani dary? (31 Jan 2003)

nm: mylove (31 Jan 2003)

Ashley: Interesting. Where do you live? Awsome site:* (31 Jan 2003)

t.mike sayeh: want to know if we are related the name sayeh is from liberia (31 Jan 2003)

yooness: Nice Site!(31 Jan 2003)

siavash: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(30 Jan 2003)

mohsen: Excellent site, man...(30 Jan 2003)

Jacquie: Love the animal kisses... How loving and beautiful! Thank you.J* (30 Jan 2003)

hamid: nice 1 & keep it up Mr. all the best (30 Jan 2003)

Shelly & David: My nickname is Molly but only because that is what my boyfriend calls me and his neice. My uncle's nickname for him is tractor...Tractor Brown. (30 Jan 2003)

hamed: Wonderful site..(30 Jan 2003)

hamid: i want a friend (30 Jan 2003)

ahmadrezatondro: Great! Keep it up!(30 Jan 2003)

les degeus: i want to vote on the back of the california quarter. (30 Jan 2003)

shirzad: salam man skse bihejabr honarpishehayeh zan iran mikham mamnonam bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (30 Jan 2003)

Johnson: Killer pics and we'd love to trade links with you! (30 Jan 2003)

I´m not crazy cause I take the right pills everyday: hmmmmmm (29 Jan 2003)

marziyeh: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(29 Jan 2003)

none: nice website (29 Jan 2003)

Chika: Nice to meet you.I enjoysd this web site's "Collection of Only in Japan".But this collection is not existence.But very unique! (29 Jan 2003)

annette: i like the movie (29 Jan 2003)

Hos: Cool, keep up the nice site!(29 Jan 2003)

junior: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(28 Jan 2003)

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farhad: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(28 Jan 2003)

prakash: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(28 Jan 2003)

mahdi s.qariq: Congraculate you,Ahmad. Mr Akbar Zahiri introduced me to your site,and I thanks him. (28 Jan 2003)

shamin: Great! Keep it up!(28 Jan 2003)

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faraz: Awesome job!(28 Jan 2003)

harold: you are the coolest I,ll like (28 Jan 2003)

Parisa Keikavousi: it grtat tod someone with the same name and have them take pride in thier persian background (28 Jan 2003)

candy: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(27 Jan 2003)

bry: nice work on the bush monkey my bro always sez that george always looked like a monkey (27 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: well funny (27 Jan 2003)

Caitlin Ward: this sux! (27 Jan 2003)