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ahmadrezatondro: Nice work..(30 Jan 2003)

les degeus: i want to vote on the back of the california quarter. (30 Jan 2003)

shirzad: salam man skse bihejabr honarpishehayeh zan iran mikham mamnonam bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (30 Jan 2003)

Johnson: Killer pics and we'd love to trade links with you! (30 Jan 2003)

I´m not crazy cause I take the right pills everyday: hmmmmmm (29 Jan 2003)

marziyeh: This is my faovite site!(29 Jan 2003)

none: nice website (29 Jan 2003)

Chika: Nice to meet you.I enjoysd this web site's "Collection of Only in Japan".But this collection is not existence.But very unique! (29 Jan 2003)

annette: i like the movie (29 Jan 2003)

Hos: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(29 Jan 2003)

junior: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(28 Jan 2003)

mohsen: salam lotfan akshaye sexy az bazigaran irani befrest (28 Jan 2003)

farhad: I like this site!(28 Jan 2003)

prakash: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(28 Jan 2003)

mahdi s.qariq: Congraculate you,Ahmad. Mr Akbar Zahiri introduced me to your site,and I thanks him. (28 Jan 2003)

shamin: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(28 Jan 2003)

satan: hi .email this is email for this band only national and boys,girl to gather (28 Jan 2003)

shayda: thanks be for this sait (28 Jan 2003)

faraz: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(28 Jan 2003)

harold: you are the coolest I,ll like (28 Jan 2003)

Parisa Keikavousi: it grtat tod someone with the same name and have them take pride in thier persian background (28 Jan 2003)

candy: Nice Site!(27 Jan 2003)

bry: nice work on the bush monkey my bro always sez that george always looked like a monkey (27 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: well funny (27 Jan 2003)

Caitlin Ward: this sux! (27 Jan 2003)

mohammad: Great! Keep it up!(27 Jan 2003)

isy: Nice work..(27 Jan 2003)

moe: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(27 Jan 2003)

Noor: Very Nice-who took the photo's of the iranian women? (27 Jan 2003)

ali: Well done!(27 Jan 2003)

faribborz: Two thumbs up...(26 Jan 2003)

Babak - M: I am glad to see your web site. Thank you ! (26 Jan 2003)

hedyeh tehrani: Great! Keep it up!(26 Jan 2003)

farivar: Nice work..(26 Jan 2003)

paul: Well done!(26 Jan 2003)

Allie: i luv this site!!!!! its awesome!!!!! (26 Jan 2003)

David Stefanian: Good News For Iranians (26 Jan 2003)

dara: hi susi pleas send me your e-mail (26 Jan 2003)

fraz: I like this site!(26 Jan 2003)

hg: I like this site!(26 Jan 2003)

hadi: Cool, keep up the nice site!(26 Jan 2003)

Michel Holmgren: this is funny, how old are you? were do you live? (25 Jan 2003)

saleh: khoshhal mishm be man E.mail bezanid. ba omid movafaghiat baraie shoma doost aziz.bye (25 Jan 2003)

saleh: Two thumbs up...(25 Jan 2003)

L: NOTHING (25 Jan 2003)

majid: salam man hastam pesari kheyly khoob va khoshtip migi na emtehan kon (25 Jan 2003)

nima: pics of hedyeh tehrani (25 Jan 2003)

Korrin: Newfoundland ROCKs... (24 Jan 2003)

yashar: Two thumbs up...(24 Jan 2003)

linzi: Excellent site, man...(24 Jan 2003)