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ania: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(06 Feb 2003)

hasty: baba eyval daryn dametoon garm makhsosanaksaye hadiye tehrani o niki karimi.vali inkare dorosty nista koli namahram aksashono mibine gonahasho be pa shoma minvisan. (06 Feb 2003)

Artai Pirouzram: SALAM! Az aksha va länkha kolli lezzat bordam. Damet garm! Khosh bashi!! (06 Feb 2003)

siti: I like linkinpark's music and I also get everything about this band.I also hope they will success 4rver.Thank u. (06 Feb 2003)

neli: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(06 Feb 2003)

Rashid Al Ansari: I recent have been looking into this cause, and feel that India has no right in controling a muslim area, in which the people dont want to be controled by the india goverment. I think this cause should be noticed more by the muslim comunity like Palistine and should start embargos on india like the rest of the muslim contries have done on Isreal. The indian goverment has killed over 100,000 muslims and raped over 10,000 muslim women in kashmir. Enough is enough muslim need to start avoiding Indian goods and ask there local goverment to stop support towards India. Go to (06 Feb 2003)

ilissa: Well done!(06 Feb 2003)

Kellie: Hi there Anvari, thanks for the laughs on funplex, and wonderful sense of humor. The site kept me busy pretty much all day, and can't wait to see any new stuff you link up to. Keep up the great work and I will recommend your site to anyone having a bummer day! : -) Kellie from Vancouver Island (06 Feb 2003)

TESORO: Nice Site!(06 Feb 2003)

MILDRED I PEREZ MARZAN: Great! Keep it up!(06 Feb 2003)

hasty: i liked the iranian singers bit. that was cool. at the end fuck u. (06 Feb 2003)

kazem: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(06 Feb 2003)

Mark Mathow: Fantabulous Website!! (06 Feb 2003)

yaser: This is my faovite site!(05 Feb 2003)

mojtaba: sss (05 Feb 2003)

jalil: This is my faovite site!(05 Feb 2003)


naser: Two thumbs up...(05 Feb 2003)

s: This is my faovite site!(05 Feb 2003)

[Anonymous]: hohoho! Like you make up the comments, do you? (05 Feb 2003)

Sue: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(05 Feb 2003)

SBailey: Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am the artist for quarter number 2 :-) (04 Feb 2003)

ad: gmhg (04 Feb 2003)

nino: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(04 Feb 2003)

liba: ghorboonetoon (04 Feb 2003)

kian: Nice work..(04 Feb 2003)

semsoori: salam send to me photoes of hedieh tehrani. B.regards (04 Feb 2003)

reza: salam bray man email bfrest (04 Feb 2003)

reza: salm man mohandesam (04 Feb 2003)

Javad Behruzi: kheili Bahali!!!! (04 Feb 2003)

Holly: Good Job!(04 Feb 2003)

H Milano: Great! Keep it up!(04 Feb 2003)

saman: Wonderful site..(04 Feb 2003)

jalil: pics of hedyeh tehrani or niki karimi or zanganeh (03 Feb 2003)

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Steven Scarlett: I found this to be a very usefull web site. Congratulations on its design and content. (03 Feb 2003)

phil: i dont really no wot this guest book is for (03 Feb 2003)

Iranian Caviar: Your site is great work! Thank you! Iranian Caviar (03 Feb 2003)

poiu: pics of niki karimi (03 Feb 2003)

cathy: i love your site...i spent more than 8 hours reading the whole site and it was great!!! i have a hard drive full of stuff i don't even need now. but thank you.... (03 Feb 2003)

Me: Yeah i loved your weird questions page (03 Feb 2003)

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na: Great! Keep it up!(02 Feb 2003)

behnaz: salam (02 Feb 2003)

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hamid: This is my faovite site!(02 Feb 2003)

hamid: i whish bless all iranian (02 Feb 2003)

azadeh: Well done!(02 Feb 2003)