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mehdy: Good Job!(24 Feb 2003)

ali: Two thumbs up...(24 Feb 2003)

DIGITAL_BREAK_DOWN: funny i thought thank you (24 Feb 2003)

arash: Good Job nice website (22 Feb 2003)

farhad: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(22 Feb 2003)

Yana Dimitrova: nice website (22 Feb 2003)


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chintan: nickname (21 Feb 2003)

rene piazak: besiar alie! (21 Feb 2003)

rada: Well done!(21 Feb 2003)

fan: Great! Keep it up!(21 Feb 2003)

masood: Nice Site!(21 Feb 2003)

Samantha Williams: I love your site - please keep up the good work! (21 Feb 2003)

Emi: Dude, your site sucks ass. You shouldn't have cheated your way to the top of Rank My Homepage on SCN. Do you not have a life? Ugh, loser... (21 Feb 2003)

johanna: i love linkinpark (21 Feb 2003)

fuck you i ain't tellin ma name: wats a gender? (20 Feb 2003)

ALBERT: hELLo (20 Feb 2003)

MARTINS A. BUSARI: This is a wonderful site. I love it. You have done a good job. (20 Feb 2003)

Jenny: just wanted to drop by and say hi :) btw, the last entry in "movies" should be "notting hill", not "nutting hill". =p (20 Feb 2003)

Yana Dimitrova: nice website (20 Feb 2003)

tina: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(20 Feb 2003)

Irani: bi sharh (19 Feb 2003)

phafieeee: heey, its a verry good site!! ma der kunnen wa meer goeie nicks in staan want sommige zijn nie zo goe!! ma tis de macxxxxx xxx ...phafieeee (19 Feb 2003)

eisa: I'love you? (19 Feb 2003)

Malcolm Dyer: I do not know how I got here, but it is a great site. Regards,Malc. (19 Feb 2003)

kobi: eisa hastam dost daram ba shoma ashna shavam dar sorat tamayel mail bezanid e-s (19 Feb 2003)

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said: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(18 Feb 2003)

aimee: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(18 Feb 2003)

ali: Excellent site, man...(17 Feb 2003)

nahid: i don't know (17 Feb 2003)

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kunal tuteja: Great! Keep it up!(17 Feb 2003)

nima: Excellent site, man...(17 Feb 2003)

ali: Good Job!(17 Feb 2003)

A Online Casino: Great Book! Keep up the good work Thanks. (17 Feb 2003)

ali: pics of hadyeh tehrani (16 Feb 2003)

arash: Nice Site!(16 Feb 2003)

babak: Two thumbs up...(16 Feb 2003)

Arash: (16 Feb 2003)

Mina: I am from iran, your topic at the begining of your site about the dolls sara& dara is foolish!if u don't know any thing it's better u don't give ur idia! (16 Feb 2003)

Kobi: Well done!(16 Feb 2003)

auy: Well done!(16 Feb 2003)