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Asad mousavi: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(08 Mar 2003)

eeyore: hey hey i like ur fat celebrities heheheh there funny lol!...and fat!~ (08 Mar 2003)

ali: Well done!(08 Mar 2003)

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darya: ki axhay e hedieh tehrani ( albateh ... ) ro baram send kone ??????????????? (08 Mar 2003)

azita: Wonderful site..(08 Mar 2003)

jen2: Good Job!(08 Mar 2003)

Armin: salam site hedieh tehrani ro bebinid (08 Mar 2003)

aydin: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(08 Mar 2003)

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anahita: digeh miyay LA be ma khabar nemidi :)) just kidding. (07 Mar 2003)

Bill: COOL (07 Mar 2003)

Mohammad: This is Realy very nice site (07 Mar 2003)

[Anonymous]: salam! (07 Mar 2003)

behnam: sallam (07 Mar 2003)

pipi: pipi (07 Mar 2003)

billy joe: this site sux! (07 Mar 2003)

farzad: ye doste vagheghi biron az iran mikham. farzad 22 teharn (07 Mar 2003)

hedyeh tehrani: Great! Keep it up!(07 Mar 2003)

nanaz: rgfre (07 Mar 2003)

Katie: I love chris (07 Mar 2003)

kik: Two thumbs up...(07 Mar 2003)

armin: all (07 Mar 2003)

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amir: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(07 Mar 2003)

Chinese John: Absolutely magic site! Have passed it on to mates. (07 Mar 2003)

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candis: everyone i know loves the jokes (06 Mar 2003)

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maryam: This is my faovite site!(06 Mar 2003)

athar: good work.... keep it up (06 Mar 2003)

terry: Awesome job!(06 Mar 2003)

Sex Kitten: Excellent site, great work... (06 Mar 2003)

Tony: Loved the site..!! (06 Mar 2003)

amir: salam hale shoma chetore?(how are you?) I ... . Web: bay (06 Mar 2003)

supermario: good stuff (06 Mar 2003)

Sassylegend: Whatever!! (06 Mar 2003)

Sian Smith: Yeah! (06 Mar 2003)

1112: Good Job!(06 Mar 2003)

farzad afzali: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(05 Mar 2003)

Dr. Laflines: Girls, Want to Stay Young & Beautiful? (05 Mar 2003)

roxy falls: this site is awesome! keep up the tightness. (05 Mar 2003)

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Balinda: HI (05 Mar 2003)

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sadagh: Two thumbs up...(05 Mar 2003)

hd: Nice Site!(05 Mar 2003)

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amir: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(05 Mar 2003)