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mehran: Awesome job!(15 Mar 2003)

mehdi: salam (15 Mar 2003)

soundarya: sex pics please.... (15 Mar 2003)

Debbie: (14 Mar 2003)

ali: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(14 Mar 2003)

reza: Good Job!(14 Mar 2003)

Zora: Thank you for wonderfull collection of 'fun' (14 Mar 2003)

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pey: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(14 Mar 2003)

hamid_pzira: Awesome job!(14 Mar 2003)

Double D.: Thanks 4 the Dictionary! (14 Mar 2003)

paula: Great website. (13 Mar 2003)

Monica: Cool, keep up the nice site!(13 Mar 2003) Cool Site (13 Mar 2003)

FARID: nice to meet you I hope you to be health and success. (13 Mar 2003)

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laya zanganeh: Good Job!(13 Mar 2003)

leila: I like this site!(13 Mar 2003)

Clement: Aloha, just came accidently to your site and didn't want to leave without posting a message. Keep up the good work! ;o) (13 Mar 2003)

Bijan Ghorbanzadeh: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(13 Mar 2003)

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Bill Taylor & Ed: these pics R,awsome,,from where & who R.they from,tey r.all great,Friendly hugs,Billy & Ed (12 Mar 2003)

Abbigail: Your Website is pretty cool but ive come on here because i'm writting a story about a girl who gets teased and i need a nickname for them to call her. So if you have any sugestions then please email me. (12 Mar 2003)

Clement: Aloha, just came accidently to your site and didn't want to leave without posting a message. Keep up the good work! ;o) (12 Mar 2003)

amor: Two thumbs up...(12 Mar 2003)

setareh: Nice work..(12 Mar 2003)

Shahab: not a bad website! (12 Mar 2003)


Paya: Hey, congragulations, its beautiful site. I haven't checked it for a while and it looks so different now:) (12 Mar 2003)

beno hwang: i came here cause i was searching for funny commercials and google gave me your collection of images. nice site. keep up the good work. (12 Mar 2003)

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afri: ok!!!!! (12 Mar 2003)

NDU: THNK YOU (11 Mar 2003)

moj: Well done!(11 Mar 2003)

dinesh SAINI: Nice Site!(11 Mar 2003)

Amna: Really cool..... Please keep me in touch, Inshaallah. (11 Mar 2003)

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KIAN: I love this page . (11 Mar 2003)

siavash: I AM BOSS . (10 Mar 2003)

CRAIG: I AM A TEDDY BEAR (10 Mar 2003)

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hojat: Good Job!(10 Mar 2003)

vahid: salam. har rooz baraye man rooze movafagiyate. (10 Mar 2003)

joooooooooon: Two thumbs up...(10 Mar 2003)

Sasan Noohi: salam (10 Mar 2003)

Amna: Whooosp.... I like all type of romance, it wil be cool!!! (10 Mar 2003)

sara nazari: hello chetori (10 Mar 2003)

bor: hedyeh tehrani (10 Mar 2003)