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ouhgytgnh: Well done!(22 Mar 2003)

a: Good Job!(22 Mar 2003)

[Anonymous]: salam ki aks supere hedieh tehrani dare ??? (21 Mar 2003)

farhad: Well done!(21 Mar 2003)

pooyan: i want to seeee hedyeh tehrani photos (21 Mar 2003)

Jeff Trevathan: I enjoyed all your great picks (21 Mar 2003)

e: hggh (21 Mar 2003)

farhad: Great! Keep it up!(21 Mar 2003)

reza: hi (21 Mar 2003)

MEHDI: ;ds (21 Mar 2003)

Mohd Yusof Bajuri: very good webpage with lots of information. Bravo (20 Mar 2003)

mohsen: Awesome job!(20 Mar 2003)

ab: bah bah ... salam (20 Mar 2003)

Ivan: Inteligent. Not another common teen blog. Included as one of my favorites. Go ahead! (20 Mar 2003)

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mehrdad: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(19 Mar 2003)

2003: Sowhat do you guy's all think about the war that we are NOW in? (19 Mar 2003)

Christina: hey what up? So what you are looking for girl? (19 Mar 2003)

amir: Cool, keep up the nice site!(19 Mar 2003)

arjun BADruka: oh this is a great place... it really is (19 Mar 2003)

amin: mahnaz afshar (19 Mar 2003)

Navid: عزیزم من یک ایرانی مجردم که عاشق تو شدم♥ (19 Mar 2003)

ali: test (19 Mar 2003)

abdilah: من پيام شماراديدم لطفاً با من دوست شويد (19 Mar 2003)

abdilah: I like a butiful girl (19 Mar 2003)

koji: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(19 Mar 2003)

amir: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(18 Mar 2003)

ali: Cool, keep up the nice site!(18 Mar 2003)

alireza: Well done!(18 Mar 2003)

Saeed Ali Al Hamdan: for evreyone who like to send me in Arabic to my E-mail (18 Mar 2003)

ashkan: This is my faovite site!(18 Mar 2003)

Morteza: thanks (18 Mar 2003)

Kaveh: Hi GUyzz.. I Really Love Ur Web-Site...And Let's all get united and get down All Islamic Things to Toilet...Long Live SocialisT and Freedom (18 Mar 2003)

priscilla: well why couldnt you just say "there will be war" I mean sadam will not leave his country. You should know I mean you wouldnt leave either. (18 Mar 2003)

mohsen: hi (18 Mar 2003)

hossein: salam be hameye dokhtaraye irani man tamayol be doosty ba ye dokhtare irani daram va daneshjoo hastamo 21 salame (18 Mar 2003)

ali: Awesome job!(18 Mar 2003)

heather: I really love your site! (18 Mar 2003)

carrie smith: i love this page you hould really put more jokes on it thow (17 Mar 2003)

masoud: good (17 Mar 2003)

Gnesina Beckwith: smiles, hearts etc added to email. (17 Mar 2003)

Gohen Bail: Y'know, if this article on Belgians pushing for regime change in the US was really written back in september 2002, we should capture that guy and get him to confess to being clairvoyant. Lo and behold! Six months on, and reality has surpassed satire. (17 Mar 2003)

Amir: sex (17 Mar 2003)

Elisha J Read: Dear Madam, I'm complaing that on this page you haven't got enything on the page that I would like to look up (17 Mar 2003)

[Anonymous]: hey everyone any news any irish here (17 Mar 2003)

lesley: Great! Keep it up!(17 Mar 2003)

lesley: no comment (17 Mar 2003)

matt: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(17 Mar 2003)

ali: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(17 Mar 2003)

Maggie: Great pictures, a lot of fun stuff. Very well done. (16 Mar 2003)