Guest Book Page 567


e: salam (02 Apr 2003)

sharareh: man dokhtari baghaly va gandeh hastam va dost daram ba to rabateh dashteh basham (02 Apr 2003)

Tom: cool (02 Apr 2003)

ellie: i like to have Hedieh Tehrani email address .merci (01 Apr 2003)

ehsan: Good Job!(01 Apr 2003)

amir: Nice work..(01 Apr 2003)

agha: Good Job!(01 Apr 2003)

omid: it's very good. (01 Apr 2003)

kavir: hey there..can u post me hedie tehrani's pics plzzzzzzzzzz (01 Apr 2003)

Irena: HI (01 Apr 2003)

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Webmaestro: Very nice website. Please visit my website!!! :) (01 Apr 2003)

kadi: some of your anti-bush stuff was extremely funny but i found a LOT of what you had here really distasteful. the favorite songs pic and eye test picture are disgusting and completely heartless to those who were affected by the tragedy in the city. you should really think more carefully about what you are willing to put out there under the headline "very funny" (01 Apr 2003)

laky24: im nice sexy man how vont trade a pics vith grle! (31 Mar 2003)

Jakob: Just stopping by. Great layout by the way! Thanks, Jakob (31 Mar 2003)

hamid reza: khosh begzare (31 Mar 2003)

mustafa: Excellent site, man...(31 Mar 2003)

daananananaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa: collin has on locker? - cute (31 Mar 2003)

karla: Wonderful site..(31 Mar 2003)

hosein: This is my faovite site!(31 Mar 2003)

omid: salam be hamegi man nemidonam in chie vali sabte nam mikonam :D (31 Mar 2003)



yazdan: ba avaz bekhon!!! doset daram mesle lahze didan o eshareh (31 Mar 2003)

nima: I like this site!(31 Mar 2003)

zarvan: sharareh mikhamed!!!!!!!!!! (31 Mar 2003)

Irena: Hi (31 Mar 2003)

masoud: Wonderful site..(31 Mar 2003)

arash: Great! Keep it up!(31 Mar 2003)

matrix: the matrix has you... (31 Mar 2003)

ali: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(31 Mar 2003)

nasim: Awesome job!(31 Mar 2003)

siavash: یه دوست دختر خوشگل میخوام (30 Mar 2003)

Irena: Great! Keep it up!(30 Mar 2003)

vahid: salam (30 Mar 2003)

ged: Awesome job!(30 Mar 2003)

sina aghakhani: i love you (30 Mar 2003)

amin: oh it's ok. (30 Mar 2003)

sani_az2000: I like this site!(30 Mar 2003)

Ali Aryaeinezhad: Great! Keep it up!(30 Mar 2003)

Behnam Khataei: Good Job!(30 Mar 2003)

soha: Cool, keep up the nice site!(30 Mar 2003)

Vicki: I happened across your site while looking for pictures of Madison and since I love travel I browsed your pages. You've been to so many places! Keep traveling :) (30 Mar 2003)

mozhgan: This is my faovite site!(30 Mar 2003)

ghatzan: ba salam ba in ke man khodam 1 pesar hastam vali mikhastam 1 chizi be pesaraye inja begam KHAK TOO SARETOON midoonin chera chon in ghadara ba ziyatoon bad bakhtin ke oomadin inja va taghazaye doosti mikonin baba base dige in ghadar bad bakht nabashin........ (29 Mar 2003)

carol: need help with faces (29 Mar 2003)

farzad: kasi hast yani dokhtar alaghe dashte bashe vase ye dosteye khob samimi e-mail bede (29 Mar 2003)

nita: I've found your page when I was looking for artistic photos. It's a great page, congratulation :) (29 Mar 2003)

tim: hey ik ben tim en ik wil nu ok een ijgen pagina later§ (29 Mar 2003)

pedram: salam (29 Mar 2003)