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ebi: picture of laya zanganeh mer30 (13 Apr 2003)

kasra: pic of hedye tehrani or niki karimi or alya zangane (13 Apr 2003)

Zardosht: Nice Site!(13 Apr 2003)

fari: salam khoobi? man kheili khoshhalam ke daram ba to harf mizanam (13 Apr 2003)

malak: Salam: i found ur site by accident,it is really cool,congratulations. (13 Apr 2003)

ali: rasti in anvariha ajab pour karand va man nemidonam az koja miaran bokhoran? vali darkol dameton garm. (13 Apr 2003)

ali: so nice to see this page.i love funny things ,chon this world has not arzeche kham khordan,va inke hamishe adamnhaye ba hoshand ke jalebtarin nokat pei mibarand.englishesh ham bashe bad (13 Apr 2003)

tj: Great! Keep it up!(13 Apr 2003)

carlos: it is intersant can you also write songtext if you can write me back (13 Apr 2003)

adel: Great! Keep it up!(13 Apr 2003)

mehdi: I like this site!(13 Apr 2003)

Mohammadreza: Mr.Anvari , ghooooorban ajab safeii ,kheili jaleb bud. Movafagh bashi ,in safaro be dustaye Almaniam ham neshon dadam . Faghat ye soal in Akse Hedieh Tehrani vaghie ast?!!! (13 Apr 2003)

amir: aks sex hedye tehrani dari? (13 Apr 2003)

salma: Two thumbs up...(13 Apr 2003)

sadegh: Two thumbs up...(13 Apr 2003)

ehsan: salam,,,,, site man dar site iranyek be onvane site montakhab va cool site e aval shenakhte shod,,, ja dare ke be khodam tabrik begam :)) (13 Apr 2003)

Hooshang: Pictures of Tedie Tehrani and Nicky Karimi please (13 Apr 2003)

ehsan: (13 Apr 2003)

Ahad Ha\'Am: I'm sorry that Rachel Corrie died. But she chose sides in a violent conflict, and made the decision to place herself in the midst of the battle. She certainly was not a non-violent participant herself. I feel sorry for Rachel because she was misguided and in her efforts to help the Palestinian side in the Israel-Palestinian conflict she unwittingly helped Palestinian terrorism. Some Palestinian supporters (calling themselves "Peace" activists) will be encouraged by her death and some will better understand that hers was not the way to help resolve this conflict. It is the latter who Rachel has helped in her death. (12 Apr 2003)

Bob: Hey Ahmad, I just happened upon your personal site while looking for a good place to eat breakfast here in Sac. I am from porterville and live in Sac now. I just thought that it was interesting to see a site that had porterville and Sac in it. Later, Bob (12 Apr 2003)


asal: This is my faovite site!(12 Apr 2003)

siavash: nothing (12 Apr 2003)

raha: cool life (12 Apr 2003)

Farshad: Hi, whow. It is nice to know that there are more guys named farshad on earth....well.bye (12 Apr 2003)

[Anonymous]: amin:salam azizan (12 Apr 2003)

ali: sexy pic of niki karimi (12 Apr 2003)

ali: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(12 Apr 2003)

saeid: Wonderful site..(12 Apr 2003)

behnaz: salam doostan (12 Apr 2003)

mehdi: salam, man az tabriz donbale ye dust migardam gf 18 sale (11 Apr 2003)

Muhammad: The picture of Rachel Corrie shows before and, supposedly, after shots. Oddly, the young terrorist-abetter doesn't look very "bulldozed" does she? You'd think she'd be much flatter. The whole story hasn't come out yet, but there are reports that these types of incidents have happened before and that the "activists" (i.e. criminals) usually scuttle into the house in a vain attempt to stop the destruction. Reports indicate that a wall fell on the poor wretch, which fractured her skull. The photos seem to point to this, as a 20 ton bulldozer would surely render a human into meat paste. Regrettable? Perhaps. But the stupidity (not bravery) of this woman should surely prevent any more deluded wannabe jihadis from repeating her actions. Unfortunately, you don't seem interested in linking to the photographs of either this woman burning replicas (poor ones, at that) of the US and Israeli flags or the ridiculous "funeral procession" the local scumbags put on for her wherein her "coffin" is draped by the very flag she was burning. Good riddance. (11 Apr 2003)

asal: salam bachehaye bad hadiye fagahat male mane. age kasi azash mail dare bade.agaram khoodesh khoond che bahtar (11 Apr 2003)

azam: salam (11 Apr 2003)

dru: thank you thank you thank you now i do not have to answer any more of my husbands two o,clock in the morning questions .all he has to do is log on to this page and i am sure he will find what he is looking forTHANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (11 Apr 2003)

Daniel Mitraud: Olá, estava navegando na internet e achei curioso o fato de termos o mesmo sobrenome. Provavelmente somos parentes. Um abraço Daniel (11 Apr 2003)

Marko: One fact we must get straight. Palestine was never a country. Statehood was promised to them by Jordan - but that shit was forfieted when the Palestinian people fought with the envading Arab Nazis in the 6 Day War. You Leftist are so brainwashed it's sickening -- sending young American women to sit in front of a moving bulldozier and -- what -- bulldoziers aren't heavy?? Now that's some serious brainwashing. (11 Apr 2003)

hamed: Two thumbs up...(11 Apr 2003)

kourosh 2000: Wonderful site..(11 Apr 2003)

farzad: Awesome job!(11 Apr 2003)

neghar: salam khobi (11 Apr 2003)

alp albostan: ı see "albostan swords" and wanna know their origin.ı ll be great ful if you contact me with e-mail (11 Apr 2003)

alireza: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(11 Apr 2003)

Stine R Thomsen: Well done!(11 Apr 2003)

homan: Salam Bachehaye Bahal,Man Ehtiaj Daram Be Biogeraphy Khanandeh Mahbob (Habib),Ama Motasefaneh Hich Addreesi Dar Shabakeh Peida Nakardam,Az Dostan Komak Mikham,Jobran Mikonam. (10 Apr 2003)

A: a (10 Apr 2003)

ehsan: dovoman ham ke hichi (10 Apr 2003)

ehsan: salam be hame,, avalan dar javabe doosti ke az man porside boodan ke az khodam begam,,, fekr mikonam behtarin chizi ke mitoonam begam ine ke kameltarin info dar morede man dar site shakhsim hast,,,, shoma mitoonin hame chiz ra dar morede man onja bebinin,,,montazere shoma dar site khodam hasam (10 Apr 2003)

asdf: asdf (10 Apr 2003)

alicia schanilec: u should be able to put more than 40 letters cuz otherwise theres no room for the whole nickname (10 Apr 2003)