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ahmad: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(17 Apr 2003)

amir: Excellent site, man...(17 Apr 2003)

edvin: pictures of hadyeh tehrani (17 Apr 2003)

roozbeh: I like this site!(17 Apr 2003)

morteza: Two thumbs up...(17 Apr 2003)

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ramiz: nil (16 Apr 2003)

[Anonymous]: baba che ghadr kharin!!! (16 Apr 2003)

amin: Excellent site, man...(16 Apr 2003)

Meysam: Have you funny actors pictures from Iran? (16 Apr 2003)

mMysam: Mano bebin !!! (16 Apr 2003)

[Anonymous]: very very funny pictures from laya zangeneh!!!! (16 Apr 2003)

meysam: Nice Site!(16 Apr 2003)

robyn: brilliant site, hehe. well done (16 Apr 2003)

saeid: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(16 Apr 2003)

saeid: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(16 Apr 2003)

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hhh: Awesome job!(16 Apr 2003)

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hedyehtehrani: Nice Site!(16 Apr 2003)

Myrtie Wright: I like Bin Laden Jokes (15 Apr 2003)

Anne- Brigitte K.: What I read here was sent to me by a friend who never gave me a personal email. She always has to send the same email to 20 people at a time. I was going to block her address. But what I read was so funny and smart at the same time that I decided against blocking her email address. At least, this time, she made me laugh! (15 Apr 2003)

farbod: uglkjgblkjgluim (15 Apr 2003)

Kourosh: Jenaab-e Anvari, Kheylee kaaret dorost-e. Damet Garm. (15 Apr 2003)

babak: nothing (15 Apr 2003)

alireza: Cool, keep up the nice site!(15 Apr 2003)

Aisan: site shoma ro didam EHSAN JOON JALEB BOOD. (15 Apr 2003)

aida: photo of niki karimi pleas (15 Apr 2003)

hosein: please sent to me all of the picture of hedyeh tehrani (15 Apr 2003)

farshad: This is my faovite site!(15 Apr 2003)

m: i want to see the pictures (15 Apr 2003)

ekta: i reallyy enjoy this site but i guess by mistake one of my friends unsubscribed me can u plzzz start sending me emails again. at (14 Apr 2003)

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Turkmen Students: web site for all then like to knoww with turkmen culture. (14 Apr 2003)

hassan: no comments (14 Apr 2003)

omid: photo hediyeh_tehrani (14 Apr 2003)

Adrian: Wonderful site..(14 Apr 2003)

mojtaba: be name an kas ke mara afarid va tokhm eshgh ra dar vojode man gozasht man mojtaba doost daram be har kas ke bekhahad komak konam hame va hame..... (14 Apr 2003)

mojtaba: man asheghe hameie mardoome azizam hastam (sahebe gorohe saltanatye omr 64 ) (14 Apr 2003)

Geo: Great Site! Funny Stella Awards :) (14 Apr 2003)

1000000: I like this site!(14 Apr 2003)

reza: Cool, keep up the nice site!(14 Apr 2003)

david stefanian: Nice Site!(14 Apr 2003)

Brittney: Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat! Britt I Love You Justin! (K) (14 Apr 2003)

farhang: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(14 Apr 2003)

dee: wat am i signing? (13 Apr 2003)

mary springberg: love your games at this site. (13 Apr 2003)

Tracy Goodale: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(13 Apr 2003)