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Peter Lucas: I am sick to death of hearing about America and its bullsh*it war on terrorism. Months of bombing and billions of dollars and what have you got? Not a f*ucking thing. The brits have woken up, Blair is dropping support, your own newspapers and current affairs programs are starting to ask questions and slowly those yanks who arent briandeah f*uckwits are starting to see the Bush admin policies for what they are total carp. It is f*ucking stupid to say a guy who can sit at the controls of a jet and fly it into a building is a coward. That sort of statement is Bush bullsh*it propoganda. It took guts, even if the guys that did it were enemies. I like to see one of you little heroes do it. You wouldnt have the guts. America wins wars by throwing money and technology at the enemy, not by heroism. I am not saying that there are no heros in the US, just that if you hide from fact, the fact that the enemy has got guts, then you are in for a f*ucking hell of a shock and a very long unwinnable war just like Vietnam only worse. (22 Apr 2003)

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