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reza: nothing (20 Apr 2003)

mohammad: phtoo,nude,sex hedyeh tehrani ,laya zangeneh (20 Apr 2003)

khat: Excellent site, man...(20 Apr 2003)

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erza: Two thumbs up...(20 Apr 2003)

hassan: Nice work..(20 Apr 2003)

REZA: This is my faovite site!(20 Apr 2003)

iman arezi: hello (20 Apr 2003)

private krankenversicherung: hello, just found your site in a searchengine, keep up the good work. greetings from germany (20 Apr 2003)

haftpflichtversicherung: Excellent website, very informative. Keep up the excellent work. (20 Apr 2003)

mm: 33 (20 Apr 2003)

mehrdad: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(20 Apr 2003)

safa: Awesome job!(20 Apr 2003)

hedyeh tehrani: Good Job!(20 Apr 2003)

alireza: salam man donbale ye dokhtare khub va khoshkele ba kelas migardam (20 Apr 2003)

hossein: black (20 Apr 2003)

ali: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(19 Apr 2003)

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Lara: Great Site (19 Apr 2003)

Branda: Hi :: nice site! (19 Apr 2003)

ARSALAN: kool page (19 Apr 2003)

Scott: Make more emotions.....the one where he gets punched in the face is aweomse. (19 Apr 2003)

Par20_love: Great! Keep it up!(19 Apr 2003)

bob: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(19 Apr 2003)

damon: Nice work..(19 Apr 2003)

damoon: Nice work..(19 Apr 2003)

sasan: salllllam (19 Apr 2003)

sania: hamatoono doost daram. (19 Apr 2003)

SAGA: Two thumbs up...(19 Apr 2003)

ahmadi: Awesome job!(19 Apr 2003)

hadi: sexy picture of hedie tehrani (19 Apr 2003)

saeed: lotfan az akshaton bemam bedin!!!!!!!!! (19 Apr 2003)

bahar: Good Job!(19 Apr 2003)

mohamad: gghg (19 Apr 2003)

sa: Cool, keep up the nice site!(19 Apr 2003)

Brittany: I love the smilies (19 Apr 2003)

kevin: Pac Bell pictures were awesome (18 Apr 2003)

kami: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(18 Apr 2003)

afson: i want to recieve sexy picture of hedyeh tehran (18 Apr 2003)

ramtin: i do not love you! (18 Apr 2003)

sasasan: fadddaaaash!!! (18 Apr 2003)

farhad: Great! Keep it up!(18 Apr 2003)

mohammad: i love hadyeh tehrani (18 Apr 2003)

akbar gahramani: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(18 Apr 2003)


mohamma: cool (18 Apr 2003)

mohsen: very good (18 Apr 2003)

Iona: We love this site...did the Dalai Lama personality test in the office today..... (18 Apr 2003)

Iona: We love this site...did the Dalai Lama personality test in the office today..... (18 Apr 2003)

Darya: One question for you...Do you ever check your guestbook and read the messages?!! (18 Apr 2003)