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mohammad: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(26 Apr 2003)

mohamad: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(26 Apr 2003)

mohamad: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(26 Apr 2003)

mohammad: Nice work..(26 Apr 2003)

saied oskooie: Good Job!(26 Apr 2003)

reza: Wonderful site..(26 Apr 2003)

ali_jela: Awesome job!(26 Apr 2003)

faiq: Wonderful site..(26 Apr 2003)

[Anonymous]: kinda kewl site huh!! (26 Apr 2003)

angel: Nice work..(26 Apr 2003)

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mitra2000: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(26 Apr 2003)

mohamad: Awesome job!(26 Apr 2003)

hadi: Well done!(26 Apr 2003)

aqram: I like this site!(26 Apr 2003)

hmjkl: Awesome job!(26 Apr 2003)

ali: Well done!(25 Apr 2003)

ali: Awesome job!(25 Apr 2003)

NAZY: I like this site!(25 Apr 2003)

bardia: kind regards from bardia to bardia ;-D (25 Apr 2003)

miten: It's simply gr8 (25 Apr 2003) salam saho (25 Apr 2003)

ali: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(25 Apr 2003)

mehdi: Awesome job!(25 Apr 2003)


joe: thanks (25 Apr 2003)

kami: thanks! (25 Apr 2003)

jalal: Well done!(25 Apr 2003)

ali: Cool, keep up the nice site!(25 Apr 2003)

ehsan: holy shit (25 Apr 2003)

amin: please send me all pictures of hediye tehrani .thank . (25 Apr 2003)

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JOHNNIE REISNER: i like your face's on here (24 Apr 2003)

esmat: hediye tehrani sex photo (24 Apr 2003)

negar: to kheili nazi. (24 Apr 2003)

kirby: Hi! Just stopping by on my exploration of the blogiverse. It's great to be able to see what the person "on the street" has to say, rather than relying solely upon commercial news sources. (24 Apr 2003)

Fatemeh: I really enjoy of your site!!!:)How many friend Do you have????wow!!!! Hope to be successful in your life!!! With best wishes... Fatemeh (24 Apr 2003)

Atena: please send to me every photos from niki karimi. thank you (24 Apr 2003)

Dr. Fina: Stay Healthy! (24 Apr 2003)

Hasan: Hi dear (24 Apr 2003)

pedram: Two thumbs up...(24 Apr 2003)

hasan: hi everybody (24 Apr 2003)

saeid: سايت شما خيلي مفيد است و بدون مطالب اضافه مثل گويا با آن تبليغات اضافي موفق باشيد (24 Apr 2003)

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MAJIED: SALAM (24 Apr 2003)

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xxxpachaccoxxx: funni shiet! (23 Apr 2003)

pooya: information about hedieh tehrani and pictures(any pictures)and her email and.......any thing about hedieh tehrani.;) (23 Apr 2003)

ARVIN: Well done!(23 Apr 2003)