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susan: Looking for gurl friend and lover! I was tired of going to clubs to find a womyn. All I found were grrls, dykes and lesbians who just wanted to get into my panties, or bisexual married women, who just wanted to have a lesbian experience, remain in the closet and not let anyone know their true feelings. I found myself questioning my sexual preference – But I am a LESBIAN and Proud of it! I joined Lesbian Dating Personals last month and I have met women who are not afraid to let people know that they are lesbian or bisexual. I have had a few dates with lesbian and bisexual women who have responded to my ad so far. I have dated one femme lesbian three times so far and she might be the one. She is openly lesbian and I love it. She is hot, oh I mean she looks good, not a model type or anything, but a regular womyn like me. Anyway, this site really works. Real womyn, who actually respond - Voice mail is great. This site is 100 percent FEMALE - NO MEN I find this better than going to bars and clubs where dykes, lesbians, grrlz, womyn, whatever - stare at you as if you are a piece of meat. Thought the group would like to know: (11 May 2003)