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hossein: Cool, keep up the nice site!(08 May 2003)

ali: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(08 May 2003)

fafa: Excellent site, man...(08 May 2003)

amir: i like this site (08 May 2003)

Farnaz Mohamed: So Who's Farnaz (08 May 2003)

easa: del tangam va didar to darman man ast (08 May 2003)

ofogh: salam (07 May 2003)

lila: Great! Keep it up!(07 May 2003)

John: I'm looking for the Saeed Hashemi wo went to U of Arkansas in '69. Thanks (07 May 2003)

Margaret Irwin: Please add these home pages to this theme...and let's get Bush outta the outhouse, white or not. Amen! Groove on the stick! Oh yeh....Margaret tribute_Face_in_Butt.html (07 May 2003)

hossein: This is my faovite site!(07 May 2003)

Hany Salem: I am proud of you Bro. I realy enjoy your site. Keep on the good work (07 May 2003)

teriboon: Great! Keep it up!(07 May 2003)

mina: Good Job!(07 May 2003)

omar: I like this site!(07 May 2003)

Homayoon: Excellent site, man...(07 May 2003)

Jackie Wilson: Thank you for making my day. Just a little stressed from the pressures of being a mom, student and employee. (07 May 2003)


Fifi: metalorjy yani chi? (07 May 2003)

naser: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(07 May 2003)

vahid: Nice Site!(07 May 2003)

ali: salam bar hameh iranian (07 May 2003)

Karen Moore: Good Job!(06 May 2003) One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(06 May 2003)

farzad: Cool, keep up the nice site!(06 May 2003)

ads: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(06 May 2003)

farshid: Two thumbs up...(06 May 2003)

Salma: Kool me Hey naaaa...... (06 May 2003)

maryam: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(06 May 2003)

yahya: Nice work..(06 May 2003)

sina: 5tyty (06 May 2003)

Saeed: Hello Site Very Good (06 May 2003)

milad: your site is good but where is the hedie tehrani sexy pictures (06 May 2003)

annabells: Excellent site, man...(06 May 2003)

Amir: please sent to me all of the picture of hedyeh tehrani Thank U (06 May 2003)

magda: Two thumbs up...(05 May 2003)

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Caroline: This site is really good. It has cheered me up loads. Thanx (05 May 2003)

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amir azemati: salam ! vaghean sharmandeh kardin ! nemidonam che gori bayad gavab goo basham ! bavar konid khoshhal misham age betonam kari baraye shoma angam bedam ! age kari iran darin motmaen bashid az angamesh darigh nemikoanm ! (05 May 2003)

ehsan: site mano faramoosh nakonin (05 May 2003)

fredrick medford: Great! Keep it up!(04 May 2003)

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