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nastihann: Nice work..(16 May 2003)

nastihan: Cool, keep up the nice site!(16 May 2003)

amir: salam aziz e mail bezan karet daram (16 May 2003)


MAH: PHOTO TEHRANI (16 May 2003)

MAH: PHOTO TEHRANI (16 May 2003)

nastihann: pics of hedye tehrani (nude) (16 May 2003)

nastihann: pics of hedye tehrani (nude) (16 May 2003)

Joe Blow-Me: What a weird place to surf into...and I find all kinds of perversions but nothing that resembles a really good blow job. Yahya, obviously a neo-nazi, is a faggot..and that is fine with me IF HE can give good blow jobs....but I doubt that. Kisses on your sticks, boys, and greetings from Joe BLOW_ME (16 May 2003)

Margaret Irwin: Who is this writing in the name of the Lord? I'd personally say: STAY AWAY FROM JESUS CHRIST AND HIS LITTLE DEVIL BOYS BECAUSE THEY WILL ALL FUCK YOU IN THE ASS DURING PRAYER SERVICES::::Tis true, tis mighty true, Turds, as princess fluff of Mortville would say. Groove on to you, Mojo and remember my love and stains to Gordo. Salute to Love and do not forget:' JESUS RULES FOR FUCKING SURE!!! Love, Margaret (16 May 2003)

Princess Fluff: What the hell kind of guest book is this? No one here wants to recognize a princess or member of a royal family. Good Lord in the Mud of Heaven, let us not forget to thank those who have given us Global corporate takeovers and mind-enemas, thanks to U$A and its mafia friends. Help me as I'm sinking in the slime of greed and international corruption. Hope is a four letter word. So let us SMILE and spread the word...if we can remember IT. Love to all from Princess Fluff (16 May 2003)

aliabdi: 1 (16 May 2003)

aliabdi: 1 (16 May 2003)

yahya: faghat axe lokhte hediyeh tehrani ba niki karimi ro mikham (16 May 2003)

iman: hediye tehrani sex photo (16 May 2003)

ali: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(16 May 2003)

ali-a: salam doste aziz ! chetory ? khoby ? omidvaram ke hale shoma khob va khosh bashad va baraye shoma arezoye salamat va saadat daram . man ali 29 sale ahl va sakene tehran - aryashahr hastam va age az man bekhay bedony man pas az gereftane diplome fanny az honarestan azem khedmate sarbazy shodam va pas az an baraye khod mashgole kar dar amr tahiye va tolid anvae katon va jaabe shodam ta ham aknon ke in name ra minevisam. man be music va tafrih (park - koh - tabiat ) alage mandam . shoma doste aziz age dar vahle aval javab mail mano bedy kheily khoshhal mishavam. dar vahle bad age az khodeton nam -sen- shahr- tahsilat alayeg khod begoyid kheily khoshhal mishavam. va in ke aya mayel be dosty ba ye pesar khejalaty va ba hojb o hayai mesle man hasty ya na ?????? (che gad az khodam taarif kardam ) albate dosty ke man migam az noee salem va sadeh mibashad ke dar an safa va samimiyat va mohebat bashad va na dosty alaki va zodgozar. BAS SHAMHA SETAREH SHEMORDAM BE NORE MAH TA AKHTARE RAMIDEHYE BAKHTAM VAFA KONAD SHORE NEGAHE DOST DAR AN CHESHME DELFARIB CHON BADEHYE SARGARDANI EYSHAM DAVA KONAD HAR SHAB KE MAH MINEGARAD AZ DARICHEHA JAN MIDAHAD KHIYALE TO RA DAR BARABARAM MAN SHAD AZ IN OMID KE CHON BEGZARI ZE RAH SHAYAD CHO NORE MAH FARAZ AYI DAR BARAM HAR NALEYI KE MISHEKANAD DAR GELOYE BAD AHANGE NALEHAYE DELAM DAR FARAGE TOST CHON TABAD AZ SHEKAFE DARAM NORE MAHTAB GOYAM NEGAHE KIST KE DAR ESHTIAGE TOST EY AREZOYE MAN ! EY GOLE NASHENAS ! AGAH NISTAM KE KOJAYI VA KISTY? AMMA MARA BE DIDANE TO MOJDEH MIDAHAND VA AN MOJDEH GOYADAM KE TOYI YA TO NISTY AZ MAN JODA MASHO CHON ZENDEGY BE DASTE FARAMOSHIAM MADEH YA AZ KENARE MAN BE KHAMOSHI GOZAR MAKON YA DAR NAHANE OMID HAMAGOSHIAM MADEH MONTAZER EMAIL MEHR AMIZE SHOMA DOSTE KHOB HASTAM BAY DEAR ALI-A (16 May 2003)

morteza: salam be hame age doost darin ye sari be sit man bezanid sit ghashangieh har chi ke bekhayn too in sit hast hata ahangay mobail mer30 bye........ (16 May 2003)

yahya: faghat axe lokhte hediyeh tehrani ba niki karimi ro mikham (16 May 2003)

hassan: good (16 May 2003)

mohammad: i like ur website very good (16 May 2003)

jamileh: Excellent site, man...(16 May 2003)

cull: i love bush bashing (15 May 2003)

Jesus Christ: Heya kids! Its JC here! this site is the devil. stay away from websites like this! (15 May 2003)

Hitler: Heya kids! its Big H. here! I love this site! conform and love it too! then we will kill every last jew! (15 May 2003)

[Anonymous]: how bad can a website be. oh my god (15 May 2003)

Tiny E. Rection: your site sucks balls (15 May 2003)

Hugh G. Rection: What is this garbage site. it sucks you should be killed (15 May 2003)

Shobuz: guy'z and galz come join us at it's a funable place where all the bangali get's together and express each other's feeelings (15 May 2003)

~*~dirtydevil~*~AKA>>StEpH: this sight sux motha fuckin ass (15 May 2003)

reza: photos sex hedieh tehrani (15 May 2003)

ali: Good Job!(15 May 2003)

jeff bay: Well done!(15 May 2003)

nazi: Nice Site!(15 May 2003)

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ellin: none (15 May 2003)

Safa: hi, my name is Safa 2, isnt tha cool? (15 May 2003)

Soheil: Nice Site!(15 May 2003)

GOD: Your website is good in design however some of the content in your "fun" area (the wtc part) is quite poor and lacking in taste. Maybe perhaps when you see someone die you would understand 9/11. Free Hakim Peace be with you. (15 May 2003)

armin: aghe mishe baram aks sexy hedyeh jono baram befrastin akheh khob kosie kharkoseh bokhoramesh. (15 May 2003)

arash: Nice Site!(15 May 2003)

Aimee: Hi, I love your collections! Here is something to add to your emoticons.... (_~_) Hair across your ass! @:^\ Lyle Lovette! (15 May 2003)

razy: salam yek boyfirend khoshgel va daneshju mesl khodam mikham man daneshjuy pezeshky dost hory hastam (15 May 2003)

Robert McFerrin: Hello to Princess Peussie and her Royal Court here and there but mostly in Peru...and I love you. I notice a letter from Goudarz in Iran and I can ´tell him that any 'Iranians for Christ'...are obviously nut cases and most ONLY worship Peussie or become her slave of sex and kindness. I speak from action and from truth and from a serious drug overdose brought on by Mafia Man Bush and his thugs in DC with hopes that they have the worst kind of KHARMA ever. Bringing it on, fuckers...Love, Robert (15 May 2003)

Babak Merikhi: Nice Site!(15 May 2003)

Rainer Mario Sonntag: Weird questions...but only because I love that Peussie, demon goddess of Love and Filth..and worshipped by all of us into Light, Happiness and groove on to Peussie, and we here in Munich think and send our prayers to you O GODDESS with hopes that you intercede for us and heal our holes. Love and Rump kisses from your old flamendes Flame, Rainer (15 May 2003)

reza: Nice Site!(15 May 2003)

peyman: Awesome job!(15 May 2003)

jhhjk: opip (15 May 2003)

gg: This is my faovite site!(15 May 2003)