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saeed: Two thumbs up...(05 Jun 2003)

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Crystal Heydari: I accidentally came across your website, very interesting. Why is it .org though? (05 Jun 2003)

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Tiffany: Well done!(04 Jun 2003)

kaytadaalligator: U have a kewl site, have enjoyed the laughs from All about men. TY (04 Jun 2003)

mariski: i actually was looking for a salon around LA, and bumped into your page.. hohohooo... anyways, nice job! kinda exclusive since you need apssword and all to view some stuff. but that's ok :) keep it up!! salam! (04 Jun 2003)

mostafa: Wonderful site..(04 Jun 2003)

[Anonymous]: n/o but this site fuckin sucks... i mean honestly wut the hell kinda nicnames are those? half them ain't even finished, im lookin up sitez fer new nicknamez, n wastin ma time on this site.. itz bullshit, start puttin in sum new nicknames, more 2 do with sex plz n thankz * much love * (04 Jun 2003)

chux: are you still alive? (04 Jun 2003)

stephen: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(04 Jun 2003)

Tracy: By the virtue of the Gods of the Google Search Engine for my inquiry of Emotion Icons, I found your Web-Site scrolling down the list. So I clicked my mouse and here I am! I have really enjoyed meeting you and your site. I have added it to my favorites list and I am sure I will be here often! Thanks for the fun and information! (04 Jun 2003)

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morteza: (04 Jun 2003)

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mohamad anvari totonchi: what brought me here to be frank with u,is similarity in our family name,i thought we might be related birth-place in iran is Kurdestan(saghez).bt the way cool page u got over here...cheers!!! (04 Jun 2003)

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