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max: On the male pregnacy deal this is evil and not something we as humans should be doing. Female are made to have babies and carry the fetus men are made to supply the sperm. Every one who is involved in such science are working for the devil. People have forgotten that we were made not by man but by a force beyond us we seem to be losing sight of who we really are. there are many things we should be finding cures for that seem to be now swept under the carpet to make way for evil doings. clonning and men having babies is so wrong . what kind of world are we making and wanting to live in. It is now a freak show. what is science really about as all man wants is to play god which is a disrepect in its self as we can not do as god does as we can not never will be able to provide profection. the world is suffering and dying people are hungry and all we can do is play around with nature while the sick suffer. the world need to wake up as a whole. what will it be next i mean i want be supprise if we start growing children in pods until they are fully formed. all the movies based around these sort of things are indications that it is happening already. I think the world should tell the truth about who we really are and where we came from as the human race seems to have dissappeared all together. I now do think we live beside alieans as we have always said that aliens experienment on us but we do that any way so who are we and how many differents race of aliens are there here (24 Jun 2003)

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