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nader: salam joonam! chetori jigar.Nazoto beram man ke eenghadr goli. (05 Jul 2003)

peter: a parkkila and so are you born (1969)and raised in sweden .. (05 Jul 2003)

moheb: hamaton nafase man bidid (05 Jul 2003)

[Anonymous]: سلام من سوده هستم ودوست دارم با شمابیشتر آشنا بشوم . (05 Jul 2003)

ha: Nice work..(05 Jul 2003)

Alejandra: i love the nicknames page. its a kool site (04 Jul 2003)

mohammad: hello (04 Jul 2003)

megan: hey i saw ur sight i think it cool my sn is phatgrllvsu06,and my other one is lilgrlishere (04 Jul 2003)

Sharon: love your site. Check it often. (04 Jul 2003)

babar: nice plz sends me ur photos i ll wait (04 Jul 2003)

Ali: Two thumbs up...(04 Jul 2003)

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[Anonymous]: kir (04 Jul 2003)

Ben: Hi, I am at work and am putting together a 'mood board' to discribe a typr of person in pictures. Of all the pictures on the web I chose your family dinner photo to represent a happy family environment. ahhh, that's nice... (04 Jul 2003)

salman: i am seeking such a girl and she always think about me and i always care it (04 Jul 2003)

hamed: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(04 Jul 2003)

Kendra Lee: you have a great homepage! (04 Jul 2003)

Claude Revelation: You have a great site! (03 Jul 2003)

chris: Excellent site, man...(03 Jul 2003)

iLYAS Saljoqi: Very Nice Site, Enjoy reading the jokes and watching the funny pix. Thanx very much!!! (03 Jul 2003)

sohreh: hi (03 Jul 2003)

ali: Great! Keep it up!(03 Jul 2003)

farzad ni: nilofar torjani (03 Jul 2003)

ALIKARIMI: This is my faovite site!(03 Jul 2003)

hosein: salam: har ki axe gheyre mogaz az hedie tehrani va niki karimi ya honarpishehaye dige dare baraye man befreste khryli mamnoon misham.merci (03 Jul 2003)

masoud: salam (03 Jul 2003)

Manoj: Great site!! Enjoyed pictures a lot.... Thanks. (03 Jul 2003)

omid: Good Job!(03 Jul 2003)

Peach: Sweet! Hey I am looking for ppl to e mail me kay....just a budd....ciao bella (03 Jul 2003)

mali: This is my faovite site!(03 Jul 2003)

REZA: سلام رضا هستم ايميل شما را اتفاقي پيدا كردم ومي خواهم باشما بيشتر آشنا شوم منتظر ايميل شما هستم. با تشكر (03 Jul 2003)

meysam: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(03 Jul 2003)

muguman: is good. (03 Jul 2003)

ali: Nice work..(03 Jul 2003)

ali: Excellent site, man...(03 Jul 2003)

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omid: family allbum (03 Jul 2003)

ChatterBBabe: Hey! wha cha doin? n2mh! well ,have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!= + (03 Jul 2003)

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mohammad: Good Job!(02 Jul 2003)

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