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maype: Hello from Barcelona (19 Jul 2003)

mahdi: Nice work..(19 Jul 2003)

Ali: Well done!(19 Jul 2003)

mostafa: salam i love you (19 Jul 2003)

ali: Nice work..(19 Jul 2003)

ali: Well done!(19 Jul 2003)


a: Well done!(18 Jul 2003)

alireza: Cool, keep up the nice site!(18 Jul 2003)

Brian Mulvihill: Great site for a laugh, I must visit it more often!! (18 Jul 2003)

MOHAMAD: Good Job!(18 Jul 2003)

mohsen: Nice Site!(18 Jul 2003)

salma: salammmmmm we can try be good friends (18 Jul 2003)

aziz: Great! Keep it up!(18 Jul 2003)

kambiz: Wonderful site..(18 Jul 2003)

ghasem: Cool, keep up the nice site!(18 Jul 2003)

artim: pleas send me photos love the sex niki karimi+laya zangeneh+hediyeh tehrani (18 Jul 2003)

adel: man akshaye gheire mojaz e hedieh ro mikham. (18 Jul 2003)

bahareh: how are you and how do you do? (18 Jul 2003)

aliya: salammmmmmmmmmmm how r u i want to friendship with u plz replay mein soon (18 Jul 2003)

jason: Nice Site!(18 Jul 2003)

kaka: Nice Site!(18 Jul 2003)

saman: Nice Site!(18 Jul 2003)

rob: Good Job!(18 Jul 2003)

reza jam: Well done!(18 Jul 2003)

Mahdi: Two thumbs up...(18 Jul 2003)

reza: the nice site (17 Jul 2003)

mossy: excellent (17 Jul 2003)

atbin: man to ra mikhaham (17 Jul 2003)

juanda: im gonna make poo on your face...fuck u (17 Jul 2003)

Alysha: Excellent site, man...(17 Jul 2003)

lyn: neat (17 Jul 2003)

OMID: GREAT SITE (17 Jul 2003)

navid: sexy (17 Jul 2003)

hedieh tehrani: This is my faovite site!(17 Jul 2003)

shirin: hi, I like u 2 have contact with u in internet can I pls? (17 Jul 2003)

[Anonymous]: i want to make love to you... im a cupboard. I have many entries... and lots of clothes... and handles. (17 Jul 2003)

goli: i love niki sex photos (17 Jul 2003)

[Anonymous]: niki karimi (17 Jul 2003)

omid: harche axe naz dared baray man befrested manam be javab nemezaram......ok (17 Jul 2003)

omid: harche axe naz dared baray man befrested manam be javab nemezaram......ok (17 Jul 2003)

sam: i love hediye tehrani sex (17 Jul 2003)

[Anonymous]: tintin in iran (17 Jul 2003)

ramesh: please...... (16 Jul 2003)

some guy: Dude your site was soooooooooooooooooo funny i loved it!!!! well im just an 11 year old boy but all those weird signs were so funny i love the "fuk mi" restaront! well just 2 make u feel better i think you should go global! c ya! (16 Jul 2003)

dasd: dasf (16 Jul 2003)

sam: 29/mard/mojarad/tehran/lisance donbale zany baraie man mail bezanid. (16 Jul 2003)

Ron Armstrong: Anyone wanting a penpal, just write and I`ll always answer. (16 Jul 2003)

Morad-Tehrani: Good Job!(16 Jul 2003)

asghar: Cool, keep up the nice site!(16 Jul 2003)