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ee: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(29 Jul 2003)

younes: Wonderful site..(29 Jul 2003)

his lady: is the name Alexis familiar to you? (29 Jul 2003)

ELMER HOMERO: ñalskdjfñasldkgnñsdg (29 Jul 2003)

Amy Divooone!: Salam man axe BAHRAM RADAN mikham!! vali nemidonam koja peyda konam!!! toye site hast? komakam konid.. merC.. (29 Jul 2003)

hd: i want "remote control"by andy mcnab (29 Jul 2003)

ali: Well done!(29 Jul 2003)

jackie: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(29 Jul 2003)

Rick: Nice Site! Very Funny!!!! (29 Jul 2003)

Jay Yoo: It was very nice and helpful looking around this site. (29 Jul 2003)

arman: Two thumbs up...(29 Jul 2003)

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ali khatami: Awesome job!(29 Jul 2003)

Amr: hi all i like to meet new friends so try to send email at ( ) or call 0122684855 at Egypt i am Amr 25 yrs from Cairo , waiting ur call :) (29 Jul 2003)

Bahar: This is sent to me by my brother butas an Iranian I am very proud to read about your achievements. My husband also is a Sharif graduate and he is a Senior lecturer at Warwick university. (29 Jul 2003)

alireza: Well done!(29 Jul 2003)

Maya: Im 12 years old and mu hobbies are swimming and everything like that and i like to chat my mother is not here and i miss her she traveled and my father works in shrimpy the manager in the whole lebanon!! thanx. (29 Jul 2003)

p: Nice work..(29 Jul 2003)

ilyas ali: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(29 Jul 2003)

ahmad: Nice Site!(28 Jul 2003)

sreeranulu & Co,: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(28 Jul 2003)

Babak: aghar 2khtary hot hast mano khabar koneh (28 Jul 2003)

vahid: I like this site!(28 Jul 2003)

dd: Cool, keep up the nice site!(28 Jul 2003)

am: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(28 Jul 2003)

farhang: salam man farhangam az ashnaiee ba shoma ham khoshvakhtam! (28 Jul 2003)

tanin: salam dostane mehraban va bamaram mikhaham ke darkam konad va dokhtar va pesar bodanash farghi nadarad (28 Jul 2003)

farah: This is my faovite site!(28 Jul 2003)

H.A.J: Two thumbs up...(28 Jul 2003)

ileana: she is cool many of my friends love her music she is very buetiful and her smile lights up the room she is a girl with so many talents many people are disiring to have a life like her you rock (27 Jul 2003)

mina: Nice Site!(27 Jul 2003)

alisha: Well done!(27 Jul 2003)

matin: Awesome job!(27 Jul 2003)

zaniar: Nice work..(27 Jul 2003)

babak: Good Job!(27 Jul 2003)

876hjg: dgfg (27 Jul 2003)

mehdi: onam nemidonam (27 Jul 2003)

Debbie: lick my tits (27 Jul 2003)

Ken Gertty: Hello, good evening from Berlin, and thank you for your wonderful web site. I liked it very, very much. Regards Ken Bali Hotels and Travel News (27 Jul 2003)

arbi: Great! Keep it up!(27 Jul 2003)

sina: Awesome job!(27 Jul 2003)

britney: Nice work..(27 Jul 2003)

Amin: ye barnameye toop mikham ke beshe bahash note mosighi nevesht va ejra kard (27 Jul 2003)

amir: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(27 Jul 2003)


Michelle Branch: Perfect site :-) I will recommend it to all my friends and fans. Luv Michelle Michelle Branch, Artist (26 Jul 2003)

ahmad: Wonderful site..(26 Jul 2003)

sa: Wonderful site..(26 Jul 2003)

adel: Good Job!(26 Jul 2003)

Talin: Good Job!(26 Jul 2003)