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homayoon azizy: Cool, keep up the nice site!(09 Aug 2003)

abolfazl rezaei: nice site barikalla movafagh bashi (09 Aug 2003)

KFZ Versicherung: KFZ-Versicherung (09 Aug 2003)

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Jack: Thank you for a wonderful web site. (08 Aug 2003)

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ALi: Nice Site!(07 Aug 2003)

sasan: Wonderful site..(07 Aug 2003)

pariya: I just want some pictures of hadiye tehrany and niky karimy (07 Aug 2003)


vahid: salam khobi aziz man ye pesare khobam mikham ba ye dokhtare khob dost besham hasti gharare beram daneshgah be omide didar bye (07 Aug 2003)

Negin: Hello my friends, just wanted to ask for Hediyeh Tehrani's Naked Pictures,i'll be very glad if you send me!!! (07 Aug 2003)

bahareh: akshaye khanevadeghy va khosousyeh honarpishehaye irany ra befrestid (07 Aug 2003)

;ok: Well done!(07 Aug 2003)

saman: Good Job!(07 Aug 2003)

maksud: ai ai aire ai abar sabai melai zaiiii.. (07 Aug 2003)

Squatdog: how the hell did i get here? meh, whatever =) (07 Aug 2003)

ss: Excellent site, man...(07 Aug 2003)

obo: i dey here mugu thank you guy mugu (07 Aug 2003)

666: Two thumbs up...(07 Aug 2003)

morteza: salam be hamey dostan azizam omidvaram ke haletoon khob bashe ...dostan age mikhayn ye sari be sit man bezanid sit ghashanghie hame chiz toosh dare az jomle( ring tones..)va chizay dige age vaght kardid ye sari be sit man bezanid too hatman be guest book berin va peygham bezarid age dost darid ye sari be sexy link bezanid...omidvaram ke az sit lezat bebarid omide didar shoma dar persian sit( mer30 morteza (07 Aug 2003)

1: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(07 Aug 2003)

Mary: i just would like to say as a proud American that i was very disgusted with stuff that i found in "funny stuff in the World Trade Center."I was appauled by many pictures that you had, and how you or any decent human being could think any of that was funny. Think of all the lives that were lost. Have a little decency. (06 Aug 2003)

far: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(06 Aug 2003)

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arad: Niki Karimi (06 Aug 2003)

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Chelsey Kjellberg: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(05 Aug 2003)