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peter: very goof page (10 Aug 2003)

ali: Two thumbs up...(10 Aug 2003)

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Andriana: Nice work..(10 Aug 2003)

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nm: Good Job!(10 Aug 2003)

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saeed: Well done!(10 Aug 2003)

[Anonymous]: HAAAAAAAAAAAI WHAT?? (10 Aug 2003)

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Gordon: Thank you for providing this site. (09 Aug 2003)

Elahe Naz: I came across ur site somehow.. i think it looks great, keep it up :) (09 Aug 2003)

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KFZ Versicherung: KFZ-Versicherung (09 Aug 2003)

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muhammad nawaz bhatti: i want to join your gust book (09 Aug 2003)

parand: I don`t love any boy (09 Aug 2003)

siavash: man aksaye gheyre mojaze bazigaraye zane irani va khanandeha ra mikham (08 Aug 2003)

Jack: Thank you for a wonderful web site. (08 Aug 2003)

pirooz: you love i !?! (08 Aug 2003)

hesam: Awesome job!(08 Aug 2003)

bahareh: akshaye khanevadegy honarpisheha ra barayam befrestid (08 Aug 2003)

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mah: salam man mahyar hastam. (08 Aug 2003)

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peyman: Two thumbs up...(08 Aug 2003)

ali: nothing (08 Aug 2003)

masoud: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(08 Aug 2003)

ALi: I like this site!(07 Aug 2003)

sasan: Nice work..(07 Aug 2003)

pariya: I just want some pictures of hadiye tehrany and niky karimy (07 Aug 2003)


vahid: salam khobi aziz man ye pesare khobam mikham ba ye dokhtare khob dost besham hasti gharare beram daneshgah be omide didar bye (07 Aug 2003)

Negin: Hello my friends, just wanted to ask for Hediyeh Tehrani's Naked Pictures,i'll be very glad if you send me!!! (07 Aug 2003)

bahareh: akshaye khanevadeghy va khosousyeh honarpishehaye irany ra befrestid (07 Aug 2003)

;ok: Great! Keep it up!(07 Aug 2003)

saman: Awesome job!(07 Aug 2003)

maksud: ai ai aire ai abar sabai melai zaiiii.. (07 Aug 2003)

Squatdog: how the hell did i get here? meh, whatever =) (07 Aug 2003)

ss: I like this site!(07 Aug 2003)