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pissy: Great! Keep it up!(26 Aug 2003)

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hassan: Two thumbs up...(26 Aug 2003)

mohammad: Nice work..(26 Aug 2003)

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ROXANE: I'm your bigest fan and my wish of all is to see you in person and meet you someday you sing so beautiful that everytime i hear your song"ARE YOU HAPPY NOW" (25 Aug 2003)

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Alissa: Wonderful site..(25 Aug 2003)

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bri: This is my faovite site!(25 Aug 2003)

000000: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(25 Aug 2003)

amir: Great! Keep it up!(25 Aug 2003)

nima: This is my faovite site!(25 Aug 2003)

kiavash: Good Job!(24 Aug 2003)

samin: i love kamran jafari (24 Aug 2003)

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Rabha Ben Yahia: Great site and I like the pictures. (24 Aug 2003)

sar: Good Job!(23 Aug 2003)

mansour: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(23 Aug 2003)

baba: salam (23 Aug 2003)

negar: salam jigaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (23 Aug 2003)

lisa Borck: i cried when was reading the last part of why a guys likes girls (23 Aug 2003)

reyhaneh: This is my faovite site!(23 Aug 2003)

hassan: Awesome job!(23 Aug 2003)

javad: salam (23 Aug 2003)

vahid: Two thumbs up...(23 Aug 2003)

niki karimi: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(23 Aug 2003)

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ali: welcome (22 Aug 2003)

ali: kos va kir khor (22 Aug 2003)