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Alissa: Well done!(25 Aug 2003)

babynayoka: i like this guest books pls igbo boys.0000000000000000000000000000000. (25 Aug 2003)

bri: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(25 Aug 2003)

000000: I like this site!(25 Aug 2003)

amir: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(25 Aug 2003)

nima: Cool, keep up the nice site!(25 Aug 2003)

kiavash: Well done!(24 Aug 2003)

samin: i love kamran jafari (24 Aug 2003)

kamel: Nice work..(24 Aug 2003)

daroon: you God younow i love yuo (24 Aug 2003)

jason: this site rocks my world (24 Aug 2003)

shani: is kool and contents are worth reading.Keep up the good work (24 Aug 2003)

kasphea: Nice Site!(24 Aug 2003)

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mmm: Great! Keep it up!(24 Aug 2003)

Rabha Ben Yahia: Great site and I like the pictures. (24 Aug 2003)

sar: Nice Site!(23 Aug 2003)

mansour: Nice Site!(23 Aug 2003)

baba: salam (23 Aug 2003)

negar: salam jigaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (23 Aug 2003)

lisa Borck: i cried when was reading the last part of why a guys likes girls (23 Aug 2003)

reyhaneh: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(23 Aug 2003)

hassan: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(23 Aug 2003)

javad: salam (23 Aug 2003)

vahid: Two thumbs up...(23 Aug 2003)

niki karimi: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(23 Aug 2003)

piruz: salam shomaha khili bad bakhtin shadid ke zidatoono az inja pida mikonin (22 Aug 2003)

sgh: Cool, keep up the nice site!(22 Aug 2003)

nobby: wanna give my munny to sum nigerian hunny (22 Aug 2003)

Rachel: i think the pictures are real funny (22 Aug 2003)

Bardia The Magnificent: Agha mekhastam begam, shoma ye assjockey haten keh hechkast memtooneh comprehende bokoneh. Vonderful Site meddone, vonderful site (22 Aug 2003)

ali: welcome (22 Aug 2003)

ali: kos va kir khor (22 Aug 2003)

bahareh: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(22 Aug 2003)

elnaz: iran (22 Aug 2003)

shiva: man donbal ye dost pesar khoob va daneshju migardam (22 Aug 2003)

naser: salam esme man nasere az ashenaiit khoshbakhtam esme to chie? (22 Aug 2003)

aliasghar: I like this site!(21 Aug 2003)

erin: proof that boys are stupid boys make up theories that girls require time and money, thus far correct. However the equation would then be Girls = time + money, not Girls = time * money (21 Aug 2003)

ladan: This is my faovite site!(21 Aug 2003)

farhad: Great! Keep it up!(21 Aug 2003)

sidra: Hi Sidra. Thats pretty cool to say my name back to someone with it. I'm from New York, the Bronx. How are you? (21 Aug 2003)

parya: This is my faovite site!(21 Aug 2003)

qa: dgvf (21 Aug 2003)

mahdi: salam khobi (21 Aug 2003)

aamir: hi to all of you (21 Aug 2003)

armin: salam man armin hastam 21 sall daram va doonball 1 doost khob mighardam. lotfan be man mail bezanin (21 Aug 2003)

dfgh: lkhlkjhlkhjlhsdfg (21 Aug 2003)

akbar: salam azizam (21 Aug 2003)

omid: Nice work..(21 Aug 2003)