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Dr.Babak vaziry: I am a physics teacher in Iran (10 Sep 2003)

m_mohammadi: I like this site!(10 Sep 2003)

ytru: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(10 Sep 2003)

Tom Beighley: I found your date alogrithms usefull, thanks!! (10 Sep 2003)

joyce: Wonderful site..(10 Sep 2003)

ouy: Excellent site, man...(10 Sep 2003)

[Anonymous]: Nice work..(10 Sep 2003)

ALI: SALAM (10 Sep 2003)

vahid: man dost daram chanta ax sexi az hediyeh tehrani bebinam plz (10 Sep 2003)

ali: Nice Site!(10 Sep 2003)

i don\'t know: WAZ UP thats all i gotta tell you (10 Sep 2003)

shari emami: At what age did most of you learn persian? Do not forget to email me, thanks. (10 Sep 2003)

shahin: ggggh (09 Sep 2003)

yousef: Salam Dostan, Man pesari hastam 26 saleh ba ghaddeh 175cm va vazn 70kg ashena be computer va zaban Englisi. Donbaleh dostani hastam ke ahle ESHGH va HAl bashand agar shoma hastid barayam E-MAIL beferestid.( Payandeh bad IRAN va IRANI. YOUSFF (09 Sep 2003)

arash: joone har ki doos darin, age axe sex az niki,la'ya,hedye va bekhosoos leila forohar darin, baram mail donya mamnnoooooooooon. (09 Sep 2003)

browneyes: Great! Keep it up!(09 Sep 2003)

Veeru: Very useful site for upgrowing brains. (09 Sep 2003)

Malin: 666,världens bästa musik.. det finns ju bättre men han knäcker så jävla hårt,den bästa låten som han har gjort det e nog "ALARMA" jag menar ÄKTA partylåt (09 Sep 2003)

ddm,: Good Job!(09 Sep 2003)

PARVAR: Dr. Iwan Boudagi (09 Sep 2003)

Denis: Very nice site ! Thanks for your work, and keep it going on ;-) (09 Sep 2003)

amir: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(09 Sep 2003)

soly: I like this site!(09 Sep 2003)

vahe: Awesome job!(08 Sep 2003)

alborz: Good Job!(08 Sep 2003)

Marek: good site (08 Sep 2003)

farnaz: Great! Keep it up!(08 Sep 2003)

shari emami: Hi, can someone view my sites and tell me what they think? I am one of the very few part Euro part Iranian high fahion models. I will only accept comments in my email, and please be nice and positive. Thank you everyone a nd have a wonderful day. Bless all of you :) (07 Sep 2003)

bibi: bubu ;- ) (07 Sep 2003)

mori: pics of iranan girls (07 Sep 2003)

puyesh: This is my faovite site!(07 Sep 2003)

Nancy: Great interesting site!! (07 Sep 2003)

zizi: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(07 Sep 2003)

asef: Excellent site, man...(07 Sep 2003)

navid: Wonderful site..(07 Sep 2003)

venus: akse hediye tehrani mikham (07 Sep 2003)

kaveh: lotfan akse sexi hedieh tehrani va chand ta akse sexi irani befrestid vasam (07 Sep 2003)

kasra: helooo to all (07 Sep 2003)

Mitra: I love her music and what she has contributed to Iranian music. I have great respect for her and Fariba joon. (07 Sep 2003)

Dumbo: I will love to meet you, if you are an elephant. (06 Sep 2003)

marc reitingir: just relaxed,enjoy meeting new people. (06 Sep 2003)

Jeff: I love how Julia almost won the Lamest Person Ever award, as seen in the website (06 Sep 2003)

Saeed: My Guitar (06 Sep 2003)

fana: hedyeh tehrani (06 Sep 2003)

corina: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(06 Sep 2003)

Ehsan: I like this site!(06 Sep 2003)

d: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(06 Sep 2003)

q: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(06 Sep 2003)

babak: salam reyhane joon (06 Sep 2003)

sasan: send to sex photos of hedyeh tehrani ,niki karimi,laya zangene, lila forouhar and etc iranian actors (06 Sep 2003)