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Veeru: Very useful site for upgrowing brains. (09 Sep 2003)

Malin: 666,världens bästa musik.. det finns ju bättre men han knäcker så jävla hårt,den bästa låten som han har gjort det e nog "ALARMA" jag menar ÄKTA partylåt (09 Sep 2003)

ddm,: Good Job!(09 Sep 2003)

PARVAR: Dr. Iwan Boudagi (09 Sep 2003)

Denis: Very nice site ! Thanks for your work, and keep it going on ;-) (09 Sep 2003)

amir: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(09 Sep 2003)

soly: Awesome job!(09 Sep 2003)

vahe: Great! Keep it up!(08 Sep 2003)

alborz: Excellent site, man...(08 Sep 2003)

Marek: good site (08 Sep 2003)

farnaz: Good Job!(08 Sep 2003)

shari emami: Hi, can someone view my sites and tell me what they think? I am one of the very few part Euro part Iranian high fahion models. I will only accept comments in my email, and please be nice and positive. Thank you everyone a nd have a wonderful day. Bless all of you :) (07 Sep 2003)

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mori: pics of iranan girls (07 Sep 2003)

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Nancy: Great interesting site!! (07 Sep 2003)

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kasra: helooo to all (07 Sep 2003)

Mitra: I love her music and what she has contributed to Iranian music. I have great respect for her and Fariba joon. (07 Sep 2003)

Dumbo: I will love to meet you, if you are an elephant. (06 Sep 2003)

marc reitingir: just relaxed,enjoy meeting new people. (06 Sep 2003)

Jeff: I love how Julia almost won the Lamest Person Ever award, as seen in the website (06 Sep 2003)

Saeed: My Guitar (06 Sep 2003)

fana: hedyeh tehrani (06 Sep 2003)

corina: Great! Keep it up!(06 Sep 2003)

Ehsan: Nice work..(06 Sep 2003)

d: Well done!(06 Sep 2003)

q: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(06 Sep 2003)

babak: salam reyhane joon (06 Sep 2003)

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amin sohrabzadeh: Excellent site, man...(06 Sep 2003)

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farhad: Good Job!(06 Sep 2003)

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hosein: Two thumbs up...(05 Sep 2003)

Jo*: Hello,I just want to say:I really like this site!!It's fun to do all of the tests when your bored on a rainy afternoon!Very nice!Keep up the good work!!Bye!lots of greets.....a visitor from belgium..................Jo* (05 Sep 2003)

reza: salam (05 Sep 2003)

hedie tehrani: I like this site!(05 Sep 2003)

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