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Javonte Myers: Cool, keep up the nice site!(19 Sep 2003)

ali: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(19 Sep 2003)

al: Two thumbs up...(18 Sep 2003)

Parastoo Karimi: Hello! My name isparastooand i am iranian and i live in england1 Thanks (18 Sep 2003)

Courtney: I just searched something, then I wanted to sign the guestbook, so don't ask! (18 Sep 2003)

sadeg ahmadi: Cool, keep up the nice site!(18 Sep 2003)

bani: Well done!(18 Sep 2003)

ali: ahmad you don't up date your site frequntly,i injoye it so much,but plz take care about anvari site,plz why you remove fun ,i don't know!!!!!!!!!!! (18 Sep 2003)

venkat: very enthusiastic (18 Sep 2003)

mahdi: Cool, keep up the nice site!(18 Sep 2003)

Jess: Good very funny!!! Loved the after beers image!!! (18 Sep 2003)

farhad: i am lookin for a girl freind (18 Sep 2003)

amin: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(18 Sep 2003)

iksuch: Very Kewwwwlllll site..Like the stuff!..By the way I think the Whoopi show was seriously over rated...Didn't do any justice to the minorities.. (18 Sep 2003)

lenin: Nice Site!(18 Sep 2003)

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Adipex: Lovely web site Thank you Adipex (17 Sep 2003)

wer: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(17 Sep 2003)

farhad: samira (17 Sep 2003)

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Amir: Does any one have pictures of Hedieh Tehrani?If you do please send it to my email at you.I love her. (17 Sep 2003)

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ayman Omar: Nice work..(17 Sep 2003)

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jim stickler: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(17 Sep 2003)

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masoud: Great! Keep it up!(16 Sep 2003)

Melinda: I love your smileys!!!!!!!!! (16 Sep 2003)

[Anonymous]: You're a dickhead (16 Sep 2003)

ramtin: Two thumbs up...(16 Sep 2003)


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