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ali: i lave you (22 Sep 2003)


MYA: (",)LUV UR SITE SOO KEEP IT UP!!(",) (22 Sep 2003)

Salome: Well done!(22 Sep 2003)

neda: salam man mikhastam bedoonam shoma shomareye tel mahnaze afshar daryn? agar daryn behesh bedyn man az bandarabbas mozahem misham har chi zood tar behtar chon man farda bayad beram dubai shayad dige nayam okey (22 Sep 2003)

maryam: Cool, keep up the nice site!(22 Sep 2003)

amy: HeY cO0l PaGe ItS aWsoME!! (22 Sep 2003)

sajjad: always respect others so that u should be respected (22 Sep 2003)

shari emami: babysex,, how is that for a nickname???? LOL I know real original ;). babiluv BabyBlu BabyOhBaby Not much to work with here, wait... I am getting more. :) (21 Sep 2003)

alireza: Awesome job!(21 Sep 2003)

lili: salam (21 Sep 2003)

in_ur_face: gudgud (21 Sep 2003)

assa: GSGSD (21 Sep 2003)

babygirl: looking for a nickname that includes babygirl and is sexy (21 Sep 2003)

milad007: Awesome job!(21 Sep 2003)

behnam: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(21 Sep 2003)

jordan: Great! Keep it up!(21 Sep 2003)

kiran: ninni dengalini undey (21 Sep 2003)

[Anonymous]: hedyeh (21 Sep 2003)

mos: Awesome job!(21 Sep 2003)

dahn: I LOVE YOU/ME :) (21 Sep 2003)

Besan: hey pplz have fun collecting some cool nicknames i always use them 4 msn (21 Sep 2003)

Bob: nice site (21 Sep 2003)

lizzymohammed: pleas help me on the search (21 Sep 2003)

edward sommer: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(21 Sep 2003)

mina: Hello I Love You more than more. you are very good singer in world. GOOD LUCK (21 Sep 2003)

aliasghar: Cool, keep up the nice site!(21 Sep 2003)

mehran: May I have the sexy pic of hedieh tehrani by email (20 Sep 2003)

farshad: Wonderful site..(20 Sep 2003)

mohsen: Two thumbs up...(20 Sep 2003)

RX: Hi I thank you for a wonderful site. You have done very good job. Hope my message it come out OK as we have very bad Internet in Mexico! Actually, we have a very bad many things! Bye Miguel (20 Sep 2003)

peiman: send sex (20 Sep 2003)

binoranjan oinam: Hi, Shaan , I just wanna make a good frensip between u & mi, Do u agree?!I m a man who luvs music much n like you 2 sing a song with a nice tune,I think, u'll agree. Do send mi mail. I m male 24. (20 Sep 2003)

[Anonymous]: 1900.html (20 Sep 2003)

iman: Excellent site, man...(20 Sep 2003)

saman: fdfdfdf (20 Sep 2003)

borhan matin: Wonderful site..(20 Sep 2003)

ali: Nice Site!(20 Sep 2003)

Erfan: akshaye sexy ro koja peda konim? (20 Sep 2003)

linda: great site! I needed a good laugh tonite. (20 Sep 2003)

ahmed: This is my faovite site!(20 Sep 2003)

panteha: hello (19 Sep 2003)

Kayla: i want a new nickname! (19 Sep 2003)

brigitte: Great! Keep it up!(19 Sep 2003)

azy azzouz: I want to know what means my name who is AZY (19 Sep 2003)

ali: salam (19 Sep 2003)

Prashant: Very good fun I had by visiting this site. (19 Sep 2003)

talha: i love sex hoe is faq me (19 Sep 2003)

sajjad: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(19 Sep 2003)

carol aun: Haven't had a chance to use the site yet...give me a break! (19 Sep 2003)