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mohammad: I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH (30 Sep 2003)

farzad: Awesome job!(30 Sep 2003)

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Roxana Sadri: Salam excelent Job (30 Sep 2003)

fereydon: Nice work..(30 Sep 2003)

mehran: Nice Site!(29 Sep 2003)

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brad: hope there are some ladies my age. (29 Sep 2003)

mehdi: no comments (29 Sep 2003)

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mehdi: sex (29 Sep 2003)

Mehrdad: The Girl Was mOre DangerOus Than Ever DarlinG! (29 Sep 2003)

AZADEH: Great! Keep it up!(29 Sep 2003)

nima: ok (29 Sep 2003)

reza: Wonderful site..(29 Sep 2003)

mohsen: Awesome job!(29 Sep 2003)

Rob: 10 things that piss me off was very funny, but you really should give credit to the writer, Peter Kay. (29 Sep 2003)

Mohammad Komijany: سلام جناب انوري من روزانه بيش از 8 ساعت با اينترنت سروكار دارم و بيشترين كارم هم تهيه و انتشار اطلاعات تاريخي و فرهنگي مردم كميجان در وبلاگهايي با پيشوند نام كميجان است . اما در اين ميان علاقمندم تا چنانچه ممكن باشد در حين كارهاي تحقيقي كار درآمدزا و اقتصادي اينترنتي هم انجام دهد . شما روزي از درآمدهاي آقاي رافت صحبت كرده بوديد و اين هم دومين باري است كه من به سايت شما آمده ام . لطفا مرا راهنمايي بكنيد . متشكرم كميجاني (29 Sep 2003)

hamid: gfdg (29 Sep 2003)

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azar: Nice work..(28 Sep 2003)

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shervin: hi (28 Sep 2003)

george o: hi this is such an interesting page, thanks to all who created it. .org pages are the only1 pages im allowed to visit here in my work. can you give me links pages like this1??? thank you. (28 Sep 2003)

ds: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(28 Sep 2003)

mohammad: gdg (28 Sep 2003)

tyyyyy: Awesome job!(28 Sep 2003)

Tim: Nice site! (28 Sep 2003)

mohsen: Nice work..(27 Sep 2003)

hra: This is my faovite site!(27 Sep 2003)

saud ail: I want old wamen (27 Sep 2003)

Dexter: what can i say? one of the coolest page i've seen. new crazy stuff pls. (27 Sep 2003)

sara: nice site (27 Sep 2003)

umerraza: thies is very beautiful site (27 Sep 2003)

barbad: please send me sexy pictures. thank u for this. bye. (27 Sep 2003)

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HEDIYEH TEHRANI: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(27 Sep 2003)

abolfazl: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(27 Sep 2003)

nazemi: Awesome job!(27 Sep 2003)

پویا کشتیاری: Iran,Tehran Pooya Keshtiari پویا کشتیاری (27 Sep 2003)

ebrahim.shamaeazadeh: Wonderful site..(26 Sep 2003)

RX: Great site, well done. RX (26 Sep 2003)

Ashkan H.: Ashkan you have a great webpage and keep up the great work, and by the way my name is ashkan too, bye! (26 Sep 2003)

mohsen: axe khanandeye azizam pooya ro mikham (26 Sep 2003)

Sha`yla: Hello I am a big fan, i recently watched a movie which inspired me very much. thanks How could i get in touch with Bahram himself, is it possible? (26 Sep 2003)

reyhaneh: Nice Site!(26 Sep 2003)

masoud: Nice Site!(26 Sep 2003)

hossein: ineed som pic of hediye tehrani &niki kariki &laya zangene (26 Sep 2003)