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William Wallace: ‘PRE-EMPTIVE WAR IS NO SOLUTION' (10 Oct 2003)

Donny: Excelent... please also visit our website at, and (10 Oct 2003)

Tamerlan: Looking for the friend (10 Oct 2003)

parmida: Good Job!(10 Oct 2003)

Laura: kool!! (10 Oct 2003)

Nima: Hi, Just wanted to thank you A LOT for the website. I seiously learned a lot of things that could have taken me a long time to. (10 Oct 2003)

mohammad: i love girls (09 Oct 2003)

keli: I like the page, I'll be back here... like Arnie is (09 Oct 2003)

leilammaa: hi baram email befrest (09 Oct 2003)

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hadi: salam (09 Oct 2003)

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mehdi: srueiit (09 Oct 2003)

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ali: Nice work..(09 Oct 2003)

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Robert Pritchard: welcome] (09 Oct 2003)

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merisa: salam site jalebie congratulation bye all (09 Oct 2003)

hadi: salam (09 Oct 2003)

egab: This is my faovite site!(08 Oct 2003)

sana ahmad: heyy sana!!!....mah names sana ahmad weird is tha??...i was jus lukin thru stuff and happened to cum across this so i thought id sign ur guestbook...newayz...have a nice (08 Oct 2003)

Dale: Awesome job!(08 Oct 2003)

donya: salam hi all (08 Oct 2003)

behnam: hi all (08 Oct 2003)

wow: hi (08 Oct 2003)

ehsan: Excellent site, man...(08 Oct 2003)

rahid: Two thumbs up...(08 Oct 2003)

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S: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(07 Oct 2003)

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