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Behrooz: well, some of you'r work are well done but you have to work out some others by the way why do you put password into the some of the picture slides? Take care.......... (30 Oct 2003)

ehsan: iam a student in university in the amirkabir's university. i love you. please,contact me,in my mail. thank you. (30 Oct 2003)

Michael McLure: Hooglefluee to my best pal aka Wee Annie. Thanks for Song Dance (30 Oct 2003)

Milad: Hey bum everybody, I wanna find some girl chums. I don't know much Iranian but I'm livin' in Iran. (30 Oct 2003)

abdel: I think this you have a nice web page full of many information. I wish you the best in US. (30 Oct 2003)

Milad: T-sup everybody. Well practically I'm lookin' fer a bird and this is a sorta surprise fer me if I can find one in this site. (30 Oct 2003)

babah_kia: salam man ye dost mikham ke to alman bashe wa to shahre köln age kesi hast mail bezane hatmanam dokhtar basheha (30 Oct 2003)

reza: i am the university student and i need a girl friend (30 Oct 2003)

federico: Well done!(30 Oct 2003)

sammi: I really like the list about if your are iranian, but all of them are not true. (30 Oct 2003)

hosein: I like this site!(30 Oct 2003)

rich: Great site and great quality (30 Oct 2003)

lover: sexy guy wanna sexy girl (30 Oct 2003)

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abidali: hi (29 Oct 2003)

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ali: Nice work..(29 Oct 2003)

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shayan: Nice Site!(29 Oct 2003)

jalal: hi i want to be friend (29 Oct 2003)

e.m: hi,thanks for site. (29 Oct 2003)

mostafa: Two thumbs up...(29 Oct 2003)

ehsan: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(29 Oct 2003)

maha: صور (29 Oct 2003)

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farhad: Two thumbs up...(28 Oct 2003)

aida: Nice work..(28 Oct 2003)

amir kambiz zarrabi: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(28 Oct 2003)

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hamd: i want the erotic photos from hedieh tehrani(iranian star movies) (28 Oct 2003)

[Anonymous]: Excellent site, man...(28 Oct 2003)

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pan: Great! Keep it up!(28 Oct 2003)

gil: would you please unblock me, dark angle? (28 Oct 2003)

behrad: be omide movafaghiate hameye iraniha (28 Oct 2003)

Aimee: Thanks for the pix and for the fun stuff. You make it easy to avoid work! :-) I esp. loved the Chicago-at-Christmas pix and the "Job" fun archive. Keep it up - you bring a smile to the day!! ~Aimee (27 Oct 2003)

babakm: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(27 Oct 2003)

atefe: Good Job!(27 Oct 2003)

arian: Nice work..(27 Oct 2003)

neeta: i am neeta from delhi 28 year old girl (27 Oct 2003)

Nasir_Uddin Rassool: Assaalam..... Hi dear, Its a great pleasure to me to write on your guess book. so wanna know you well about your self... see you soon (27 Oct 2003)

Abdulkadir yigit: this site is wonderful (27 Oct 2003)

Aniket: WANNA HAVE FUN CONTACT ME (27 Oct 2003)