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ehsan: iam a student in university in the amirkabir's university. i love you. please,contact me,in my mail. thank you. (30 Oct 2003)

Michael McLure: Hooglefluee to my best pal aka Wee Annie. Thanks for Song Dance (30 Oct 2003)

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farhad: Two thumbs up...(28 Oct 2003)

aida: Well done!(28 Oct 2003)

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Aimee: Thanks for the pix and for the fun stuff. You make it easy to avoid work! :-) I esp. loved the Chicago-at-Christmas pix and the "Job" fun archive. Keep it up - you bring a smile to the day!! ~Aimee (27 Oct 2003)

babakm: Two thumbs up...(27 Oct 2003)

atefe: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(27 Oct 2003)

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